Band of Gold by StarEyedNight [Reviews - 4]

Hands covered Sara's eyes as she was paging through a report in the break room. "Miss me?" a familiar voice asked.

"Always," she replied, grinning. Something metallic was pressing into her cheek near the corner of her eye and she raised a hand to pull down Greg's left.

A plain gold band sat on his ring finger. She looked from it to him, mouth open. "Wha-?"

"Got married." There was real happiness and pride in his eyes and smug joy in his voice.

"What?" Sara repeated. "You go away for a weekend and come back married?"

Greg shrugged and sat down beside her as the rest of the shift streamed into the room. Nick sat down across from her, then Catherine and Warrick, a stack of files in his hand. Grissom was last, taking the seat at the head of the glass table.

"Nick, have a good vacation?" Grissom asked.

"Yeah." The undertone in his voice caused Sara's eyes to lock onto his left hand. When she saw the gold ring, she let out a whoop. Catherine bobbled her orange, Warrick's pen slid across the page and Grissom looked up startled.

They stared at her as she laughed, no one noticing Nick and Greg trading looks.
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