And It Was by Dleigh [Reviews - 1]

Growing up in Texas, well, you learn early on that there are things you don’t do. Things such as being queer. Sucking Cock. Taking it up the ass, even. This sort of thing is just not done, not talked about, not there. There’s a saying in Texas, ‘This is the way it always has been, this is the way it is,’ and one needn’t worry himself about the ominous hinting of the quote. You’d get laundry-listed in Texas with the things that fall under it, the history, the mentality, the society.

So when you’re the youngest child of six, only son in a house of five sisters and successful, affluential parents of your small, close knit community, you learn early on that you go with the flow. And, if you’re the son of all that and you happen to maybe, might have some of the aforementioned ‘tendencies’, well, it’s best to rethink this as soon as possible.

This is where Nick Stokes came from. His world growing up in small town Texas with the large familial community, church every Sunday with just about all citizens in attendance left little doubt as to the religious fervor and atmosphere one might encounter growing up. There’s no way someone like Nick Stokes was one of ‘them faggots’.

His name was Tyler Massey and they were 11.

Tyler had light blond hair and a goofy laugh. He was beautiful.

Tyler’s mother caught them in his bedroom during a sleepover and the Masseys moved out of town quickly thereafter.

And it was. Nick couldn’t think of anything but Tyler when he left. And things were bad for a great long while.

Her name was Missy and they were fifteen.

They met freshman year and it took only two months for Nick to give Missy a promise ring following the status quo. And when he got his class ring, Missy wore it on her tiny finger with many strands of string to compensate for Nick’s big, strong fingers.

Missy had light blonde hair and was voted “Most Beautiful.”

Missy willingly gave herself to Nick on his 16th birthday at her parents’ beach house in Galveston. Wasn’t much too memorable for either of them but Nick soldiered on trying to maintain normalcy while dealing with the fact that the sight of another boy’s body, another man’s body turned him on more than that of his prom queen girlfriend.

And it was. Missy left shortly after graduation for Austin. Nick didn’t feel much of anything when she left. And things were good for a very short while.

His name was Daniel and they were seventeen.

They met in varsity baseball during senior year. Daniel had transferred in from California first semester. Instantly they became inseparable despite the vast differences between them. And although Missy had never cared too much for Daniel always being around it didn't seem to phase Nick in the least. Enthralled by his new friend and all that he represented from out there in California AKA Freedom Town, USA, Nick couldn’t get enough, couldn’t stay away.

Daniel was a bit shorter, slimmer than he and had wild, blond spiked hair. He was beautiful. Going from Chucks and Vans to baseball cleats every day, Daniel wasn’t personified as a jock, falling across the spectrum and labeled a punk-slash-skater dude. No one knew…no one had ever suspected except Missy.

After graduation, Daniel moved back to California and Nick never heard from or saw him again—Daniel finally growing tired of the secrecy Nick demanded of them.

And it was. Nick didn’t feel much of anything when he left. And things were bad for a great long while.

Years later found Nick Stokes working in the Las Vegas Crime Lab in Criminalistics. Fulfilling a personal dream despite his parents’ wishes, Nick Stokes excelled and things are good. His name is Greg.

And it was. Nick hasn’t felt much of anything but Greg ever since.

Hopefully things will be good for a great long while.
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