An Angel's Tears by RealmofRed [Reviews - 5]

An Angelís Tears by RealmOf Red

Post Grave-Danger fic, from Nickís POV in Heaven.

I didnít know angels could cry. I guess I always thought of angels as happy, serene beings. I never knew they could feel so sad. But one of the other angels up here told me that you canít cry over just anything; you need to have the strongest bond of love with someone on the mortal plane in order for your tears to fall.

I look down, and I see my family in Texas. I see my parents, my sisters and my brother, and all my nieces and nephews. My parents look defeated. I can see how much they have aged since I died. My dad still has all his legal duties, but I can tell his heart is just not in it. My mother cries herself to sleep every night, and the tired, drawn look on her face breaks my heart. I see my siblings trying the best they can to get on with life, but this has cut them to the bone.

My vision shifts suddenly, without warning, and I see my co-workers in Las Vegas. The somber moodiness in the lab is thick and palpable. Grissom has thrown himself into his work even more than he did before, and Iím worried about his health. Catherine and Warrick are together now, I see, but I think a lot of it is out of grief. I see Warrick struggling not to hit the casinos, to immerse himself in his self-destructive gambling addiction. Sara is drinking, heavily, and takes unnecessary risks on the job. She has shut herself off from the world, going through the motions, but her anger is churning so close to the surface. Everyone moves slower now, carefully, and without feeling.

Once again my vision shifts, and I see Greg. My heart shatters. He is a shell of his former self. Heís lost weight, and the circles under his eyes look like bruises. He is having the most problems adjusting to this. I can see how he doesnít sleep much anymore. He cries in his sleep, the tears slipping down his cheeks, wetting my pillow that he sleeps on. I see him wearing my t-shirt all the time at home. Now he sits on the patio with his arms wrapped around himself, staring at nothing. God, I miss him so bad. I loved Greg more than life itself, and its so hard to see him there, alone and broken. I can feel the tears prickle behind my eyes, and before I can stop them, they are falling to earth.

Greg sits on the patio, wrapped in the softness of Nickís t-shirt. He is dry-eyed at the moment, but his mind is full of images of Nick. He misses him so much, and grief reaches out and squeezes his heart once more.

ďGod, Nicky, I miss you. I hope you are okay wherever you are. I wish I knew if you could hear me. If you can, I love you and I always will.Ē

Suddenly drops began to fall from the sky onto Greg. He looked up, expecting to see a cloud, but the Vegas sky was clear. He turned his face upward, letting the drops fall onto his face. A drop landed on his lip, and it tasted salty, like tears. Greg closed his eyes. Oh Nick, he thought. I didnít know angels could cry.

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