I know a secret by anmani [Reviews - 2]

I woke up not quite sure were I was only that this definitely wasn’t my bed. I jerked my head round when I heard a soft snore. Then it all hit me like a ton of bricks; I had fucked Greg and he had fucked me and it had been oh so good.
Honestly I never thought I’d end up with him, but he was quite a sex god. He even taught this old pup a few tricks. I don’t know if I felt attracted to him, but it was first Christmas away from the family and he had to work. So I offered to hang out with him on the 24th ‘cause that the day Norwegians celebrates Christmas.
After work we’d stopped by this Scandinavian restaurant to pick up a Christmas dinner that Greg had ordered last week. He was telling me a gazillion things about the chef of the month and traditions can’t remember much except that what we had was Danish traditional Christmas food ‘cause it was the best.
There had been a lot and yeah I guess I liked it. I don’t recall what exactly that made me so damn horny only that after we had eaten and retired to the couch to rest our overloaded stomachs we had started to make out.
He moved his little slender body closer to mine. He was sexy even when he slept. I know he ain’t really interested in me. I saw the picture under his keyboard when he was reheating some of the food. I gotta say it surprised me to see a picture of Nick on his desk, it stuck out a bit and I guess I tend to see a lot comes with the job I reckon. But then it had me thinking of how hard he always flirts with Nick. Ok so the thought has crossed my mind; how would it be to have Nick fuck me hard and long. But I’d never get to know Nick would never be able to fuck a man.
He most have woken ‘cause his fingers had found my left nipple; it had taken him all of five seconds to figure out that I liked it and it was kinda like flicking on a switch in me.
“You wanna take a shower with me?” Damn his voice was so low and horny that I was hard already.
Next thing I knew we are in the shower and I was face up against the wall and he had his tongue inside me.
“Fuck me Greg fuck me long and hard. I wanna feel you inside me again like there’s no tomorrow.” I knew I was ready for him and I knew myself well enough to recognize my needy babbling. And he slowly entered me with his condom covered cock and it felt so good. He held a pace that wouldn’t make us come after just a few thrust and he jerked me off in that same slow pace. I was completely lost in the sensation there was only Greg in my world. I have no idea when he speeded up, but all of a sudden I felt the orgasm in my body all the way from my toes and it was so good. He held my trembling body flush against his own equally trembling body.
“Oh man you are so good.” What could I say?
“Hmm you’re not so bad either Warrick.” Damn he still had that husky sex voice.
“Do you wish I was Nick right now?” I had been dying to know all day.
“Do you wish I was Catherine right now?” I had barely dared to admit it to myself and he had figured it out already. Damn he was a fast little bugger.
“How did you figure?” He was still holding me and he had found my nipple again.
“The way you jump whenever Eddie is mentioned, how did you figure Nick?”
“I saw a snip of a picture under your keyboard, sorry. Besides you always flirt like a mad man with him.” He spun me round and started with his soft kisses all over my upper body.
“Jealous?” I could hear the gentle mocking tone in his question.
“Nah, I never really thought of you like this.” I was way beyond caring about what I was saying. Normally I’m very careful about how much I tell people about myself.
“Hmm when you touched my hair earlier it really turned me on and it has been a while since I last got laid by a good looking man.”
“Me too, you’re really skilled man.”
“Thank you. Warrick this is just a one off yeah?” I had started to worry that he would want more so I couldn’t hide my relief completely.
“Yeah, just this once.” I kissed him passionately and he was all into that kiss and it was a good way to finish this thing.

I was kinda worried we would act all strange around each other, but not at all. Only I can’t really handle his long explanations it makes me remember what that mouth can do besides talking and he sort of respects that.
I’ve been trying to get Nick to talk about sex and Greg and he is still clueless. I don’t think that he’s able to think that kind of thoughts. So I’ve been trying to come up with other ideas of how to get him going none has worked so far though.

Desperation has led me to an all-or-nothing plan. I’ve invited both Nick and Greg for this Sunday’s football game hoping that Greg will play along.
Firmly planted in my couch with Nick in the middle and plenty of beer within reach I let the game begin.
“I’m bored.” I show Greg glancing at me and his understanding nod.
“Me too.”
“Shh.” Nick was totally engrossed in the game.
“Come on Nicky there’s no action in that.”
“You’re absolutely right Warrick.” Greg helped.
I could see Nick trying real hard to ignore us.
“Wanna have sex while he watches the game.” I decided to risk it all.
“Sounds like a good idea to me. Got any lube?” I was getting horny just by this little banter of ours.
“What!!?” Our Nicky had lost focus on the game and Greg carried on.
“Wanna join us?” My mind went into overdrive right then and there.
“No. You’re just saying it to mock me and my game.” Damn he sounded like a little child torn away from his cartoon.
I leaned in front of him to kiss Greg who leaned into meet my lips without hesitation. I could see Nick stare at us in disbelief out of the corner of my eye.
“You’re serious?” We broke the kiss and looked at him nodding in unison.
I figured that since he hadn’t bolted for the door yet he was kinda interested. I gently pushed Greg’s head towards Nick’s and moved slowly away.
Nick accepted the kiss and I saw that he answered it without too much thought. Oh goodie my plan was working so far. But hadn’t really thought about what next ‘cause we were at my place and wouldn’t be odd if I left. Greg solved my problem.
“Nick I want you. But I think we should let Warrick play along today, don’t you?”
“I…ok.” It didn’t take much to figure that Nick’s brain was badly deprived of blood right now.

I got a lot more that day than I had bargained for and it was amazing. I never thought Nick could be so free and daring, but he would a perfect match for wild Greggo.
The other big surprise was that Nicky had been with quite a few guys earlier.

I never had sex with them after that one time and it was probably for the best since they had fallen so madly in love and I was nowhere such feelings. They didn’t show off in public and for a very long time only I and Greg’s family knew about them. I don’t think Greg really cared if people knew but Nick did for sure and he would be the one to out them when he felt ready.

Personally I hope for Greg that he’ll do it before it destroys what they have. I tried living in the closet with somebody once and it went south within the first year.

Now my next plan is far more difficult; I want Catherine.
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