Airport 2008 by 10th_letter [Reviews - 6]

”You should take a longer look at that redhead.” Said Warrick, patting Nick on the shoulder before leaving him alone in the small diner.

The others had left and Nick was by himself, staring into space. Catherine was probably off to spend what little time she had with Lindsay, Grissom was probably off doing whatever it was he did on his downtime in an apartment full of bugs and Greg was heading to an airport to meet with some publishers about his book. Nick was lonely. He was also in a very long dry spell. He hadn’t been with anyone for as long as he could remember. Sure he had hit on the odd girl here and there, but it never got further than a few drinks. Something about them just never clicked. His mind just wasn’t as occupied with women as it used to be. Nick took the toothpick out of his mouth and sighed. The attractive redheaded waitress was heading to the back to clock out. It was now or never. Nick pushed out his chair and walked over to the front of the diner to catch her.

“Hey there, beautiful. Would you like to go out for drinks some time?” asked Nick, leaning on the counter.

The waitress turned around and Nick finally got a look at her nametag: Stephanie. “Well, I have to say, your friend left a nice tip, but this may be even better. I’m Stephanie, by the way.” She said extending her hand.

“Nick. Nice to finally get your name.”

"How hard, have you been tryin’, I’m wearing a nametag.” Said Stephanie, pointing to the tiny brass pin on her blouse.

Nick blushed. “I’m sorry. How about I make it up to you by buyin’ you a drink?”

“Sure thing, stud. Follow me out the back entrance, I’m parked in back.” Said Stephanie, grabbing Nick by the hand and directing him through the kitchen to a service entry.

When the two were safely outside, Stephanie pulled Nick in close and kissed him. She smiled when she pulled away. “I’ve been waitin’ to do that since you came into the diner.”

Nick coughed. Something was wrong. It didn’t seem right. He hadn’t really been affectionate with a woman since a blonde woman named Tracy he met in a club he was at with Catherine. They had left together, but Nick’s pager had gone off before anything serious happened.

It was the same with Stephanie. Nick enjoyed the kiss because he felt he had to. Something felt like it was missing.

“So, want to skip the drinks and head back to your place, stud?” asked Stephanie, her hands on Nick’s collar.

“Um. Yeah. Sure.”


A few hours later, Nick rolled over in his bed. He was naked. He turned around and saw a mass of read hair. Stephanie was naked too. Nick sat up in the bed, the comforter draped over his lap. He buried his head in his hands and started sighing. After a few minutes, he felt Stephanie move around in the bed and drape her arms over Nick’s shoulders.

“Morning stud.” She said. When she saw the look on Nick’s face, she stopped. “What’s wrong? Was the sex that bad?”

“No, no. Stephanie, it wasn’t that. It’s just. I think something’s wrong with me.” Said Nick.

“Nick. Nothing’s wrong with you. Actually, I should’ve seen it from the start.” She said, climbing out of bed and throwing on her shirt. She walked over to the nightstand and grabbed a picture frame.

“Who’s this?” she asked, handing Nick the frame.

Nick took it and smiled. The first genuine smile that had crossed his lips all morning. “That’s me and my buddy, Greg. He took me to this concert last month and forced me to listen to this band. He told me he thought I’d really like them, but I kept saying I knew I wouldn’t. I’d never tell him this, but they were actually really good. Loud, but good. He’s such a cool guy. Really, he’s always been there for me, to lend an ear or to help me unwind in the break room. I’m rambling aren’t I?’ asked Nick, putting the frame down.

“You love him, don’t you?” asked Stephanie, looking Nick in the eyes.

“What? Me? And Greg? But I’m not… you know! I mean, yeah Greg’s a great guy and all, but I don’t like him like that you know? I mean, do I?” stammered Nick.

“The way you just talked about him makes me think you do, Nick. Why do you think you get along with him so well?”

“He lets me be myself? If I feel like beltin’ out country music in the car on the way to a scene, he lets me. If I need to cry about a case, he lets me. Warrick would never let me hear the end of it.”

“Where’s Greg now?”

Nick looked over at the clock on his nightstand. “Probably at the airport about to get on a plane for LA to meet with some publishers about his book. I read the first draft, it’s great. It’s about the old days of Vegas and…”

Stephanie looked at Nick. Nick smiled sadly. “I am gay, aren’t I?” he said, barely audibly.

“You love him. There’s nothing wrong with that. Now go find him before he leaves. You need this as much as I’m sure he does.” She said, turning around.

Nick stood up, still naked. Stephanie turned around and smiled. “And I’m sure Greg will be very happy to see you’ve come out of the closet.”


Nick pulled his truck into the parking lot of McCarran Airport and ran through the front doors just in time to see Greg about to head through security.

“Greg! Greg!” yelled Nick.

“Nick?” replied the stunned younger CSI, turning around. Greg shuffled his way past a line of angry flyers and met up with Nick in front of the ticket counter. “What are you doing here?”

“Greg, there’s something I need to tell you and it can’t wait any longer!” panted Nick.

Greg put his bags down and looked Nick in the eyes. “And this is something you couldn’t tell me over the phone when I landed in LA because…?”

“Greg, I’m gay!” shouted Nick.

“Oh, well, maybe it couldn’t.” replied Greg.

“That’s it? That’s all you have to say? I just tell you the one secret I’ve been hidin’ from everyone, includin’ myself since I was thirteen and you have some sarcastic comment? I don’t believe you! I never shoulda’ come here!” Nick rambled.

“Nick! Will you stop already! Of course I don’t care you’re gay! I’m the last person who would care! Why would a bisexual Californian CSI who’s had a crush on his straight laced Texan best friend for eight years care if the same Texan is gay?” Greg said, smiling.

“You’re bisexual? Wait, you have a crush on me?” said Nick, dumbfounded.

“Yes. And I’ve been hitting on you for eight years now. Thank God you have a pool, or else my masturbatory fantasies would’ve been very boring.” Joked Greg.

“You have a crush on me.” It wasn’t a question.


“So, you wouldn’t mind if I kissed you?” asked Nick.

“I thought you’d never ask.” Said Greg.

Nick leaned in and pulled Greg close to him. Their lips intertwined for the first time and Nick finally felt sparks. As their tongues darted around each other, Nick finally felt complete. After an eternity, they pulled apart and Greg and Nick were both out of breath.



“Hey, Nick?” asked Greg.



“Woah. What?” he said, finally.

“I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I hear bells.” Replied Greg.

“Me too.”

“Dude, it’s your pager.” Said Greg, pointing to the small black device clipped to Nick’s belt loop.

Reluctantly, Nick unhooked the pager and looked at the message. “It’s from Grissom. Warrick’s dead.”
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