Girlfriend by 10th_letter [Reviews - 5]

A/N: This is my response posted over at the TalkCSI forums regarding Nick in an upcoming episode. The piece about Bobby was from a deleted picece of an episode. Enjoy!

As CSI Nick Stokes went to open the door of his truck in the LVPD parking lot, he heard something he’d rather not.

“You know, Mike, I just don’t get it.” Came a voice.

“What don’t you get?” asked another voice.

“If Stokes is supposed to be some big ‘ladies man’, how come I haven’t seen him with a woman in years?”

At his car, Nick tried to hide his face.

“You know, Dave, he could have other things on his plate.” Said Mike.

“Of course, but you would think with a job as nasty as CSI, he’d be getting’ a little somethin’ on the side.” Said Dave.

“True. But never talk like that again.” Said Mike.

“You don’t think he’s a fag, do you?” asked Dave.

“Who? Stokes? No! Not a chance!” Said Mike, emphatically. “Ya think?”

Nick sighed and pressed his forehead to the cold glass of his car door. He knew he was screwed.


CSI Greg Sanders sat in the locker room, tying his shoes when Nick came in, a frown on the Texan’s face. Nick walked over to his locker and started to turn the combination.

“Hey Nick, you ok man?” asked Greg, trying not to dwell too long on his friend’s rear end.

Nick closed his eyes and rested his head against the door of his locker. “Someone just fuck me already?”

“Excuse me?” asked Greg, snapping Nick out of his reverie

Nick blushed. “Oh. Um, nothing Greg. I just had a rough ride over here.” Stammered Nick.

“You wanna talk about it?” asked Greg, looking up at Nick, his eyes wide.

“No, I’m fine. Look, I’ll meet you out there, all right? Griss mentioned something about case slips.” Nick didn’t wait for Greg to respond and left a confused Greg alone in the locker room.


At the crime scene, Nick, Greg and Catherine Willows hovered over the body. Assistant Coroner David Phillips was checking the liver temp.

“Liver temp sets time of death at about one hour ago.” Said David, checking the thermometer.

“Thanks SuperDave. We’ll take it from here.” Said Nick, focusing on some trace on the tile next to the body.

"We’ll meet you back at Autopsy, Dave.” Said Catherine, smiling at David. The coroner gave the signal to remove the body and the CSIs got to work.

“Ok, Greg, you take inside, and Nick, you interview the waitress who called it in.” said Catherine, looking at her notes. “I think her name’s Stephanie Walters. I’ll take the perimeter, maybe the killer left a shoeprint on the sidewalk.” Catherine turned to leave passing two policemen standing at the door. As she passed them, she caught a bit of their conversation.

“Damn, check out the ass on Willows!” muttered one to his colleague.

“You know she used to be a stripper back in the day?” replied the other.

“No shit? Seriously? I bet she racked in the money.”

“Not like Fag Stokes would know, right?”

The two laughed and Catherine turned on her heels and shot a glare at the two cops.

“Markson, Erics.. If I ever hear the two of you talking like that again about either me or Nick, I will personally make sure you will never be able to have sex again. I know some pretty impressive self-defense moves. Got me?” she spat. The two cops started sweating bullets.

“Yes ma’am.” Stammered Markson.

“Of course, wouldn’t think of it Miss Willows.” Muttered Erics.


Inside Nick gulped. It was starting again. He would’ve thought that all of his accomplishments with the LVPD would outweigh the minor fact that he hadn’t been on a date in a while. It wasn’t that he didn’t appreciate the draw of women, he did. He just had bigger things on his mind. He felt he was in a good place lately. His career was going well, and his friendship with Greg was going better than ever. Nick smiled as he remembered on weekend Greg was over his house.


Greg took a deep breath as he knocked on Nick’s door, sixpack of beer in his hand. It wasn’t that the CSI had never been to Nick’s house before. It was just that this was the first time that Greg had been here alone. Nick opened the door and a huge grin spread across the Texan’s face.

“Hey! Greggo! Glad you could make it! Cool! You brought beer! Is this the equivalent of bringing a date flowers or somethin’?” laughed Nick ushering Greg to the kitchen.

“Oh, no. I bring my dates the good beer.” Replied Greg.

“Oh! Ouch! Right to the pride, Sanders! Right to my ego!” joked Nick, mimicking a stab to his heart.

Greg placed the beer in the fridge and tossed a can to Nick. “So, what’s on the hit parade for today, Tex?”

“Tex?” asked Nick sitting down on the couch.

“What? You give me all these nicknames, I can’t give you one back?” replied Greg, plopping down on the couch next to Nick. “Are you gonna move over or not, Stokes?”

“Oh, um sorry, G.” stammered Nick.

“It’s fine, just move that hot ass of yours over a bit.” Said Greg.

“What?” blurted Nick.

“Ha! Got the remote!” shouted Greg lunging over Nick and grabbing the remote from Nick’s temporarily loosened grasp.

"Oh that was a low blow, Sanders!” said Nick, regaining his composure.

“Oh you know you love it.” Joked Greg.


“You wanted to ask me some questions, Officer Stokes?” asked a shy, feminine voice.

Nick snapped out of his daydream and locked eyes with the woman in front of him. “Um, yes. Sorry about that Miss Walters.”

“That’s fine. And the name’s Stephanie. Or Steph, but either one’s fine, really.” Said the girl, brushing some light blonde hair from her face.

“Um, right. Stephanie, did you know the deceased?” asked Nick.

“Yeah. I mean, as much as I know any other customer around here. He used to come in every day after he got off work and get a cup of coffee and a cheeseburger. He tipped really well.” Replied Stephanie.

“Did you know his name?”

“Not really, but he was such a nice guy, you know?”

“Did he say where he worked? Ever talk about his personal life?”

“I think he worked at some construction site nearby. I don’t remember exactly where. Oh! And he mentioned something about an ex-wife and alimony payments? I’m not sure, I only knew him when he came in here, you know?”

Nick thanked Stephanie and turned to ask Greg a question, momentarily stunned by the sight of the younger CSI bending over to take a photograph of a bloody footprint. Greg’s shirt had ridden up and Nick could clearly read the “Fruit of the Loom” logo on the waistband of Greg’s underwear. Greg stood up and turned around, eye to eye with Nick.

“Find something you like, Nick?” asked Greg.

Nick blushed. “Um. What’d you find?”

Greg pointed to the footprints on the ground. “Whoever did the deed got messy on his way out. Big shoes. But you know what they say about big feet?”

“Big socks.” Said Nick, his attention distracted by the two officers out by the door speaking in undertones. Nick had picked up some lip-reading from Grissom and was able to make out the word “fag”. “Look, Greg. I gotta go.”

“Um. Ok. I’ll see you back at the lab?” asked Greg as Nick turned to leave.


“Hey Stephanie?” asked Nick.

The blonde turned around. “Yeah? Oh! Hi, Officer Stokes!”

"It’s Nick. Would you like to go out with me tonight? I know this really nice steakhouse near the Bellagio.” Stammered Nick, loud enough so the cops by the door could hear. The cops heard, but so did Greg. Greg’s jaw fell as he heard the waitress accept and Nick mutter a thanks. Not able to take any more, Greg stormed out of the diner, almost running into Catherine.

“Whoa! Greggy, what’s wrong?” asked Catherine.

“I can’t believe he just did that! The hypocrite!” shouted Greg storming past Catherine and to his car.

“Did what Greg?” asked Catherine, keeping pace with Greg.

“Nick asked out that waitress!” shouted Greg.

“Oh, Greg. Honey, I’m sorry.” Said Catherine, hugging Greg.

“Thanks, Cath. I just can’t believe it. I mean, I thought I was making progress!” said Greg.

“And you were! Nick has been so happy these past few months. And he’s been happy because of all the time he’s been spending with you! Look, Nick’s a very sensitive guy, right?”

“Yeah. It’s one of the things I like most about him.”

“And I’ve been batting away homophobic comments from Dumb and Dumber over there all day.” Said Catherine, pointing over at the two cops by the door. “Nick probably heard them talking and got nervous.”

“So what now?” asked Greg.

“You need to tell him.”

“I can’t risk our friendship, Cath.”

“You either admit your feelings to him, or you lose him to whats-her-face in the diner. Trust me, I don’t think you’ll be upset.” Said Catherine, smirking as she turned to walk away.

“Wait! Catherine! What’s that supposed to mean!” shouted Greg. Catherine didn’t answer.


Back at the lab, Greg was sitting in the A/V lab with Archie reviewing the surveillance footage from the diner. They hadn’t seen anything yet, just the victim talking to the waitress.

“Dude, just tell Nick how you feel.” Said Archie, aimlessly pressing buttons on his keypad.

“But I don’t want to risk the friendship I already have with him.” Said Greg, spinning around in the office chair he was sitting in.

“Greg, listen to me.” Said Archie, pausing the tape and turning around to face Greg. “I read people’s body language for a living so I know what I’m saying. Nick likes you too! All you have to do is let him know the feeling’s mutual!”

“You really think so?” asked Greg.

“Yes! Now get your bony butt out of here, I have work to do! I’ll page you if I find anything.” Said Archie pushing Greg’s chair out into the hall with his foot.


“I just don’t know what to do, Bobby.” Said Greg, leaning against a counter.

“Tell him how you feel. It’s the best thing.” Replied Bobby Dawson, Ballistics expert.

“Are you sure?” replied Greg.

“Yes. Look, before Michael and I got engaged, we spent the same amount of time you and Nick have getting to know each other. There was a period when Michael went out with girl after girl just to prove to others he was straight. And now look at us. Michael and I have been married for ten years and have a beautiful daughter together. Everything will be fine.” Explained Bobby.

“You really think so?” asked Greg.

“Yes, I do. Now, is there anything I can help you with that’s related to your job? If I remember correctly, your vic was stabbed, not shot.” Said Bobby.


Nick sprayed on some cologne before leaving the locker room.

“You smell, um, potent. You have a hot date tonight?” asked Warrick, strolling into the locker room.

“Yeah, this waitress I met at a scene today. Stepahnie Walters, if I remember correctly. Replied Nick, checking his teeth in the mirror of his locker.

“Yeah? What’s she look like?”asked Warrick.

“About 5’7’’, blonde hair, blue eyes-“ started Nick.

“You know what I mean, man.”

“Oh, um, B cup or so. Nice ass. Great eyes.” Stammered Nick. “Oh, shit. I gotta go man.” He said, bolting out the door.

“Have a good night!” replied Warrick, rolling his eyes. “That man just needs to come out of the closet already. Who the hell does he think he’s fooling?”


Nick passed Grissom’s door on his way out. “Hey, Boss. I’m on my way out.”

Grissom didn’t look up from his paperwork. “Have a nice night, Nick.” Grissom paused. “What’s that smell?”

“I, um. I have a date.” Stammered Nick.

“Oh? Greg finally talked to you?” asked Grissom, looking up from his paperwork.

Nick blushed a deep crimson. “What?!”

“Nothing. Have a nice night, Nick.” Said Grissom quickly before turning back to his work.

Nick shook his head and headed for the door only to be interrupted by Greg.

“Nick, we need to talk.” Said Greg.

“Not now. I have somewhere to be.” Blurted Nick.

“Nick. This has gone on long enough.” Said Greg as Nick turned to leave.

“I don’t have time for this, Greg!” shouted Nick down the hall.

“Just hear me out, Nick!” shouted Greg.

Nick’s hand was on the doorknob when he heard something he’d never forget.

“Nick Stokes I love you!” shouted Greg.

“What did you say Greg?” shouted Nick, turning around.

Greg walked forward, he was now eye to eye with Nick. “Nickolas Stokes. I. Love. You. I have ever since I first laid eyes on you!”

Nick sighed. “Do you mean that?”

“Yes!” shouted Greg.

“Good.” Replied Nick, he placed both hands on either side of Greg’s head and kissed the younger CSI right on the lips passionately. When Nick finally pulled apart, Greg smiled. Nick smiled too.

“Don’t you have a date with that waitress tonight?” asked Greg.

“What waitress?” replied Nick.

“Good answer. What’s that smell?”
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