Irresistible by 10th_letter [Reviews - 2]

Nick Stokes and Greg Sanders sat in their favorite booth at the local 24 hour diner after a particularly hard shift. Nick and Greg had been assigned a particularly difficult case that seemed to touch each one of their respective buttons.

“I just don’t get it, Nick.” Said Greg, heavily. He stared into the depths of his tea.

“What don’t you get, G?” asked Nick, nursing his third cup of coffee.

“What could possibly happen to people that would send them on such a downward spiral?”

“You mean like tonight’s case?”

“Yeah, and in general. It just seems that the cases we’ve been getting lately have just been getting progressively worse, you know? I’m still getting over the scars from that dog fighting operation a while back.”

“Me too.” Said Nick, putting his mug down and mindlessly stirring the cup.

“I want so much to think that there’s some good left in humanity, that, yes, there are good people out there. But what we see on a night to night basis seems to prove me wrong.”

Nick reached across the table and placed his hand gently over Greg’s. “There are good people out there, Babe. Really good people. The problem is is that sometimes the truly great deeds that happen each day go unnoticed. The little things we, and everyone in this diner, do on a daily basis that brighten the world. There is good in the world G. You can never lose faith, because, to be totally honest: that’s one of the sexiest things about you.” Nick looked Greg straight in the eyes.

Greg sniffled. “You mean my killer pecs aren’t what drew you to me in the first place?”

Nick chuckled “Actually, it was your sense of humor, but that’s besides the point. C’mon, let’s head home.” Said Nick, patting Greg’s hand and getting up to pay the bill. While Nick was away, a young male waiter strolled up to Greg’s booth.

“Hey, cutie, you free tonight?” he asked, winking.

“Me? Are you serious?” said Greg, dumbfounded.

“What, you don’t believe a cute nerd like yourself could draw a crowd? Here, call me if you feel like you need company.” Said the man, producing a business card before strolling away. Greg shook his head and slid out the booth, meeting Nick outside.

“You’ll never believe what just happened!” he said.

“What?” replied Nick, heading towards his truck.

“Some hot waiter just slipped me his phone number!” Said Greg, slipping in to the passenger’s seat as he handed Nick the card.

“You’re not gonna take him up on the offer, are you?” asked Nick, nervous.

“Of course not, I was just surprised he thought I was hot enough.”

“Face it, Babe, you’re irresistible.” Smiled Nick, stealing a quick peck on Greg’s cheek before pulling out of the parking lot.
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