PJ's by 10th_letter [Reviews - 3]

Greg sat down on the edge of his bed and slowly untied his shoes. Slipping them off, he let out a loud moan of pleasure, followed shortly by an even louder moan as Greg removed his socks and cracked his toes for the first time since they had been imprisoned in their rubber coffins so many hours ago. Next, Greg unbuckled his belt and threw it on the bed unceremoniously. Reaching down, he unbuttoned his jeans and slid them off tossing them in a heap in the corner of the room.

"Oh yeah! That hits the spot!” moaned Greg, collapsing on the bed in ecstasy.

Greg pulled off his shirt and underwear and strolled over to the closet completely naked. Bending over to one of his drawers, he selected a set of old green, red and navy striped pajama bottoms. He reached up to the shirt hangars and grabbed the largest, most faded concert Tee he could find. Slipping it on elicited yet another moan from Greg. He padded over to his slippers and found his favorite pair of slippers, they were shaped like Sooby-Doo’s head, the dog’s mouth served as the opening where Greg slipped in his feet.

“Ah, that feels so good. Bet they taste better than a nacho flavored Scooby Snack, huh, Scoob?” laughed Greg. He smiled as he padded into the kitchen. The house was empty and his boyfriend, Nick Stokes, was not due back from work for another hour or so. Brewing a cup of hot cocoa, Greg grabbed a plain white mug and the newspaper before heading back to the bedroom.

Greg set the now filled mug on the nightstand, tossed the paper onto the bed and plopped himself on his side of the bed and surrounded his back with pillows. Greg was in heaven. He took a sip of cocoa and let out a loud. “Oh God! Yes! That feels so good!”

“Greg!?” came Nick’s voice from the entryway to the bedroom.

“Yes, schnookums?” smiled Greg, a cocoa mustache covering his upper lip.

“You missed a spot.” Said Nick, leaning in and kissing Greg softly, licking up the forgotten cocoa. “Mmm, Swiss Miss.”
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