Extra- Curricular Activities by 10th_letter [Reviews - 4]

A/N: High School aged Nick and Greg have been dominating my thoughts for a while and this jumped into my head. Warning: smut and pr0n ahead! Heh heh head.


Greg nervously knocked on the door. He had his AP Chem book in hand. He was nervous, very nervous. He was wondering how Mr. Grissom had talked him into tutoring some dumb jock from the football team. Greg knocked again. This was getting stupid. He should just turn around and leave right now. He could just tell Mr. Grissom he’d write an extra credit paper or something.

“Greg? Is that you?” asked a quiet Southern accent.

“Oh! Nick! You are there! I was just about to leave. I thought you weren’t home! I should shut up.” Stammered Greg.

“It’s ok. Um, I was in the bathroom. We have a fan in there that’s hooked up to the light, so it can get pretty loud in there. Not that I was takin’ a loud dump or anything! Oh, God! I’m sorry! I should’ve just stopped talkin’ sooner. Would you, um, would you like to come in?” asked Nick, blushing.

“Sure. You have your notes ready? Mr. Grissom told me you needed help on bonding?” said Greg, following Nick into a decent sized family room. Nick pulled up a chair and he and Greg sat down in front of a decent sized television. Nick’s books were already spread out on the table.

“Yeah. I mean, maybe I was just having trouble payin’ attention in class. I mean, Mr. Grissom’s a cool teacher 'n all, but I just don’t know why I need to take AP Chem, you know? You want a soda?” asked Nick, standing up again, wiping the sweat from his palms on his jeans.

“Yeah, sure. Coke’s fine, “ replied Greg, opening up his textbook to the chapter they had been discussing in class. “Mr. Grissom can be a little boring, but you just have to know how to dig through all the Shakespeare references to get to the actual material. Thanks.”

Nick handed Greg his soda and sat down. “So what’s all this about bondin’?”

“It’s simple really. All it really boils down to is the electrons in the two chemicals.” Said Greg, shifting his seat so he could point to a diagram in Nick’s textbook.

“So, it all comes down to the charge right?” asked Nick, moving closer to Greg.

“Pretty much, yeah. And how, um, how-“ started Greg. Nick was now sitting so close to Greg that the lanky boy could feel the heat emanating off the football player next to him. “Um. It all, um, it all comes down to how, um, attracted they are to each other.”

“Yeah. Like how one can’t resist the other’s cute eyes or sexy hairstyle. I mean, it’s the electrons. All pluses and minuses, right?” blurted Nick.

“Yeah. That’s it. There are some samples on page 158. Why don’t you do the first couple and I’ll check your work? If you need any help, you can, um-“ started Greg. Nick had reached for a pencil that had just happened to be close to Greg’s hand. Nick’s fingers brushed Greg’s briefly and it was all over in a flash. Nick dropped the pencil in his book and looked over and Greg. He smiled before directing Greg onto the nearby couch. “I want this, you, so bad.” Breathed Nick.

“Me too. I’ve been waiting so long. Watching you after practice, pouring the water over your head. It’s been torture.” Said Greg, draping his arms around Nick’s shoulders.

“Ditto. You have no idea how many times I walked by the Band room just hoping I’d catch a glimpse of you. I would get so lost watching you play at the Pep Rallies that my coach would get pissed at me for wanderin’ away from the team.”

“The band leader, Mr. Taylor would always yell at me, well more like glare, because I’d lose my place cause I’d be staring at you.”


“Yes, Nick?”

“Can I kiss you?”

“What the hell are you waiting for?”

Nick leaned in and kissed Greg slowly, romantically. This was something he had been waiting for a while now and he didn’t want to mess it up. Their first kiss was incredible and it would be something that the two of them would look back on later and remember fondly. Although, whenever Greg would remember it, he’d always be reminiscing with one hand.

“I need to see those abs in person.” Breathed Greg, not waiting for a response as he slipped Nick’s shirt off over his head. Greg stared. They were beautiful, everything he had been fantasizing about for the past few semesters. He couldn’t wait anymore, he needed them. Smirking at Nick, Greg licked his lips and slowly traced a circle around Nick’s nipples and he licked a slow trail between Nick’s pecs and down each one of his abs. He paused from time to time, blowing a slow cold breath on the trail, kissing at random intervals. When Greg got to the button of Nick’s jeans, Nick was speechless. All the football player could do was nod as Greg undid his jeans and slid the boxers down over his hips. Nick’s erection sprang out to attention and Greg went to work.

“Now you’ll see why I’m so good with the brass instruments.” Said Greg as he licked up and down Nick’s erection, tracing a circle around the head, nibbling just enough to elicit an excited yelp from Nick. Greg opened his mouth and took in Nick’s full length, slowly and expertly maneuvering his tongue around Nick’s shaft. Greg quickened his pace, glancing up at Nick from time to time. Nick’s eyes were closed, an expression of pure ecstasy on his face. As Greg sped up, he knew what would eventually hit him and in no time, Nick was a puddle of bliss in both Greg’s mouth and on the couch.

“Greg. That-“ started Nick, panting heavily.


“Greg, follow me. I want to show you my bedroom. Oh, leave your clothes here. You won’t be needing them.” Said Nick, huskily.


The next morning, Greg woke up to the sound of his cell phone ringing.

“Hello?” he asked groggily.

“Greg? Where are you? There are four dead bodies on the Blackjack table at the Palms! Hurry up and get there! Catherine’s been waiting for twenty minutes!” shouted an angry male voice.

“Right. Sure thing, Griss. I’ll grab a quick shower and be on my way.” Greg snapped his phone shut and turned around to face an already awake Nick. “I gotta head in to work, babe. Quadruple homicide at the Palms. I’ll see you in the Break Room later.”

“Alright. But we’re so role playing again.”
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