A Cowboy's Anniversary by Quettaser [Reviews - 11]

“Our anniversary? Anniversary of what? I mean, I’m not one for turning down presents, but I’d like to know what it’s for,” inquired Greg, investigating the mysterious box sitting in his lap, before looking back to Nick.

“You don’t remember?” questioned Nick, who, surprisingly, didn’t look hurt, so much as amused. “Two years ago, today?” he pressed.

“We didn’t even start dating until a little over a year ago. What anniversary could we possibly have two years ago?” asked Greg, looking rather troubled. He definitely didn’t want to piss Nick off today. It had been a long and boring shift, which had let Greg’s brain idle on things it really shouldn’t, certainly not while he’s at work. Like the way Nick would look in his CSI vest, sunglasses and nothing else. And if he came home and forgot an anniversary, well, then he wasn’t going to get any sex, and he was far too horny to let that happen.

“You really don’t remember?” asked Nick, a final time, poorly hiding his smile behind a sigh of disappointment. Greg shook his head, engaging the Puppy Eyes and Pouty Lip, which he knew Nick found irresistible. Nick chuckled. “Don’t use the puppy eyes on me. I’m not mad at you,” he said, although he was unable to resist the power of the Pouty Lip and leaned in for a quick kiss. The Puppy Eyes quickly reverted to their natural state of Come-Hither with a dash of Sarcasm.

“So if you’re not mad, then it must not be a big deal--But it is, cause you got me a present—Do I need to get you a present?—You know, I’d have a much easier time getting you a present if I knew what it was for--” babbled Greg.

“If you stopped talking, I could tell you. And no, you don’t have to get me a present. This was just something I wanted to commemorate.”

“What was?” demanded Greg, becoming very frustrated with the fact that Nick was taking his sweet-ass, mmm…it is quite sweet…time in letting him know what was going on, because the sooner Greg could open his present and say thank you, the sooner he could strip off all of his clothes and drag Nick into the bedroom.

“Do you remember the case two years ago, with the horse that was being used to smuggle uncut diamonds?”

“Uh...yeah, dead horse trainer in the cargo hold of a plane, right?”

“Right. What else do you remember?”

“Uhh, about you and me? I think you have the date wrong or something. Cath was giving me all of the DNA for that case, I barely saw you that night.” By now, Greg was very confused. Trying to balance his plans for the next few hours, most of which were very sweaty, with concentrating on remembering specific events from two years ago was taking a toll on his poor, oversexed brain, (although, at this point, to him it would very definitely be undersexed). And, uh-oh, Nick was moving closer to Greg on the couch, apparently deciding that the proper way to torture Greg for his memory lapse would be to have him pass out with desire before a finger was laid on him.

“Don’t you remember?” asked Nick again, this time teasingly whispering into Greg’s ear. “It was around three in the morning, and PD was still pulling up backgrounds on all my suspects and you had just finished analyzing some things for Sara and Warrick and you came into the break room. I was getting ready to leave…” Nick trailed off, trying to see if something had sparked in Greg’s memory.

“Oh, yeah, and you hung around extra long and—Oh my god! I remember. You were trying to find out where I stashed my stash and you grabbed my ass. I always thought it was an accident and that it was my ass that finally seduced you,” winked Greg, turning up the Come Hither in his eyes.

Nick chuckled again. “You had me seduced long before I grabbed your ass.”

“Now you’re just buttering me up for sex.”

“Hey now, you’re the one who forgot our anniversary. You should be thankful that I’m being so kind and forgiving. Who says you’re getting sex anyways?” teased Nick with an evil grin.

“The anniversary of the first time you touched my ass? Now, I know that my ass is quite fine, but that’s hardly our anniversary. It’s your anniversary, it just happens to be about me, not with me. So really, it’s not my fault for not remembering. I don’t feel it’s necessary that I should be punished for something that isn’t my fault.”

“You know, if you don’t stop, I’m going to take your present back and you’ll just have to go to bed, frustrated.”

“Don’t be such a sexy bastard.”

“Just open your damn present.” Greg ripped through the non-descript wrapping paper and opened the large plain box. Upon inspecting the contents, Greg found himself without words. “You like?” Greg could only look back and forth between Nick and the contents of the box, his eyes now in the state of Oh-My-God-Take-Me-To-Bed-Right-Now-Or-I-Will-Not-Be-Held-Responsible-For-The-Consequences. “I thought that since this was the anniversary of me meeting your ass, I should get something for it.”

After several minutes of half-started sentences, the only identifiable words that Greg could muster were, “But you’re the cowboy…” Was he really seeing this? Was Nick, his Nick, conservative Texan, good ‘ol boy Nick, really giving him this? Oh, this was better than any vest-related fantasy. This was just-just-God, they were wearing too many clothes!

“Well, they’re adjustable, so I could wear them if you want. But I would much rather see you in them,” said Nick, far too seductively for Greg to be able to control himself. Greg tackled Nick down onto the couch, kissing him with all the might of his pent-up sexual frustration. The box, forgotten for the moment, fell, black leather chaps and riding crop hitting the floor.


“I didn’t think you were one for this kind of kink,” said Greg. Clothes had been lost somewhere between the living room and the bedroom, but Greg did manage to free himself from Nick long enough to grab the chaps and the crop from the living room. At the moment, Nick was lounging on the bed, naked and holding the crop, while Greg was desperately trying to figure out how to put the chaps on.

“I’m just…experimenting,” said Nick, getting up to help Greg with the rebellious chaps.

“Not that I’m complaining, but most scientists don’t do this kind of experimentation,” said Greg, still struggling. “Jesus, how in the hell do you work these things?” Nick chuckled, taking the offending chaps from Greg’s hands and giving him a long, slow kiss. Greg was happy to let Nick take over for the moment, reveling in the kiss while Nick’s hands deftly looped the chaps around Greg’s waist, buckling them and teasingly brushing against Greg’s cock.

Greg moaned softly, breaking the kiss. “So, are you ready, cowboy?” asked Nick. Greg’s eyes glinted with lust. Oh, he was ready, and he was going to make Nick pay for the torture he went through, waiting for this, for being too damn sexy for Greg to keep his fantasies in check. Oh, Nick was going to pay and he was going to have a lot of fun exacting his revenge. Greg wrapped his hand around the back of Nick’s head, pulling him close to his lips.

“Good stallions don’t talk.” Greg tightened his grip on Nick’s head and pushed him down towards the floor. “On your knees,” ordered Greg. Nick complied, a smile on his face. Nick finished zipping up Greg’s new leather chaps, making sure to run his hands over the exposed sensitive skin of Greg’s inner thighs. Greg reached past Nick, grabbing the crop from the bed, running it through his hands like the best of dominatrixes.

He ran the crop under Nick’s chin, turning his face up to Greg’s. “Mmm, I have been waiting for this all day,” said Greg. “You’re going to do exactly as I say. If you don’t, well…” Greg trailed off, lightly tapping Nick’s ass with the crop. “You’ll be punished.” That only seemed to arouse Nick more, his breath became shorter and a faint blush crept over his skin, and as far as Greg could tell, he was rock hard. Not that Greg wasn’t, he was, in fact, he’d been in a semi-aroused state for at least five hours now. Stupid lab, nothing exciting happening except in his thoughts, and then coming home and having to wait, wait for sex, and even though he was getting some very nice leather chaps out of it, he was going to make sure that Nick felt his frustration. But first, other things had to be taken care of.

Greg once again wrapped his hand around the back of Nick’s head, pulling him close once again, so that Nick’s hot breath was blowing on his crotch. Greg suppressed a moan as he ordered, “Suck me off.” Nick smiled in obedience, locking eyes with Greg as he wrapped his soft lips around the head of Greg’s cock. Greg couldn’t suppress that next moan, finally getting to feel the hot touch of his lover’s mouth after hours of waiting. He also couldn’t suppress the light bucking of his hips into Nick’s mouth, but Nick was okay with that. He had grabbed onto Greg’s ass, a cheek in each hand, to better control Greg’s hips.

Those hands on his ass reminded Greg of the reason he was wearing chaps in the first place, and he was pretty positive that Nick would have made up any excuse to give Greg those chaps, and that he was just lucky to have today be an “anniversary” of something. Oh, but then Greg wasn’t thinking about chaps or made up anniversaries anymore because Nick had decided to deep throat Greg’s cock, and Greg just can’t think much of anything except for how good Nick feels around him.

Greg was moaning louder, and he thought he might be saying something, but he can’t pick out his own words, his brain too disconnected from the rest of his body. And Greg is wondering why he doesn’t make Nick go down on him more, because he really is very good, and that thing he does with his tongue should be illegal, especially if Greg wants to retain consciousness. But Nick went made matters worse for Greg’s poor consciousness by slowly putting a finger into Greg’s ass, soliciting a near yell of approval from Greg.

It only took a few moments until Nick had found just the right spot inside of Greg, the one that makes him shriek in pleasure, blur his vision and come into Nick’s waiting mouth. Nick slowly pulled away, leaving Greg a mass of Jello inside leather chaps. But Greg wasn’t ready for the night to end. “Get on the bed,” Greg ordered. “All fours.” Nick, again, complied, kneeling on the bed, ass pointed at Greg, his head turned, watching Greg’s every move. Greg knew he really wasn’t going to be able to use the crop unless he played dirty, because Nick liked to please and he knew how to take orders, a thought that made Greg shiver in desire.

Greg clambered up onto the bed behind Nick, placing the crop next to his legs, he was going to need both hands for what he had planned. He grabbed Nick’s ass in both hands, slowly massaging. Greg leaned over Nick’s back so he could whisper in his ear, “Remember, no talking.” Nick nodded in acceptance and Greg smiled, wickedly. Nick wasn’t much of a talker in bed, but Greg knew exactly what to do to make him scream. Quite a feat, actually, and it had taken much experimentation for him to find out what it was that could really do Nick in, but Greg had done it and he was planning on exploiting that information to the fullest.

Still massaging Nick’s ass, Greg placed wet kisses along Nick’s spine, slowly going down, getting closer and closer to his hands. Greg placed another deep kiss on Nick’s tailbone, sucking on the skin a little, which made Nick’s hips jump. Greg continued his journey southward, pulling Nick’s ass apart and placing a kiss directly on his pucker. Greg’s decided to be cruel and continues to tongue Nick, while gently caressing Nick’s balls with one hand. Nick can’t hold back his moans and he rocks back hard against Greg’s tongue and hand.

Greg immediately stopped everything and grabbed the crop, giving Nick’s ass two hard swats. “No talking,” repeated Greg, taking pleasure in the fact that Nick is still biting his lip, holding back more sounds. Greg resumed his torture, but every few minutes he had to stop because Nick’s still having a hard time controlling his mouth. Hearing Nick’s muffled groans,the shivers that run through Nick's body when Greg touches the little red welts left behind by the crop, feeling all of that muscle push back against him and it isn’t long before it’s become too much for Greg to handle. He had more planned, but he can’t really remember what it was that got him so worked up in the first place and the leather is getting sweaty and feels so good sliding against his heated skin.

Greg pulled away from Nick completely, grabbing a condom and some lube from the bedside table. “Lay down on your back,” said Greg, ditching the crop, he just needs Nick now. Greg wastes no time in sheathing Nick’s cock and lubing himself up, while Nick only lies back in awe, brain still too numb from Greg’s earlier tortures. But that doesn’t stop him from moaning at the top of his lungs when Greg finally slides down onto Nick. It took Nick a moment to realize that he had even made a sound, and he looks up guiltily at Greg, but Greg isn’t angry, just panting, eyes half-closed in the satisfaction of the exquisite stretch. And Greg can’t find the strength to support his body anymore, his face coming to rest on Nick’s chest, but he did manage a few stilted words, “Loud as you want, stud.”

And, suddenly, Nick’s a burst of energy. He was rocking and bucking, gripping Greg tight against him, a steady stream of filthy words tumbling from his mouth. Greg had just unwittingly released a wild animal, and it was all he could do to hang on for the wild, pleasurable ride. “Do you like riding me, Greg?”

Greg could barely register the words in his own brain, let alone form his reply. Nick was hot and rough beneath him and in him and the leather was slick against his skin. “Yes.” It was barely a whisper.

“Tell me,” Nick demanded, pulling Greg closer so he could suckle on the tender skin right below his ear.

“I love riding your cock.” Greg couldn’t remember when the dynamics changed, when Nick was in charge and when Greg stopped caring so much about teasing and torture. He couldn’t remember the last time Nick was so rough, not that he minded much, because he was heading hard and fast towards his second orgasm of the day. And Greg thought maybe he should take up horseback riding or something because he was going to be sore tomorrow, but he definitely wanted this again and he didn’t want to strain any important muscles in the process.

“You like my cock in your ass?” God, Nick, talking dirty, right in his ear, and now his hand, wrapped around his cock. Greg was nothing but putty in Nick’s very capable hands.

“I love it,” moans Greg, barely audible over the sounds of flesh and the stretch of leather. And Greg begins to think that maybe hours stuck in the lab with nothing but thoughts might just be worth it, if this is what he comes home to, but he already knew that, that this was better than anything his mind could come up with.

“Come for me, Greg. Come with my cock in your ass.” He doesn’t need to be asked twice, letting himself fall into the gratifying abyss, and he thinks he’s passed out, but he hasn’t, because he can still feel Nick in him, and Nick’s coming hard, panting, voice cracking and hoarse due to overuse. It took a few minutes for either one to find the strength to open their eyes, let alone move.

Greg, with the last ounce of strength left in his goo-ified legs, rolled off Nick, feeling nothing but emptiness and the constricting heat of the leather chaps. “Get me out of these things,” he asked, voice quiet with exhaustion. Nick trashed the condom and then rolled towards Greg, clumsily undoing the buckle and zippers keeping Greg trapped in the hot fabric.

“There you go,” said Nick, throwing the offending chaps out of the bed and onto the floor. Greg sighed, eyes already closing with sleep and burrowed his head into Nick’s neck.

“My ass says happy anniversary.”

“Happy anniversary.”

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