Snow by 10th_letter [Reviews - 3]

“This really shouldn’t be happening.” Said CSI Nick Stokes as he looked out the window of the apartment he shared with his longtime boyfriend, Greg Sander.

“What shouldn’t be happening?” said Greg, walking up behind Nick. Nick turned around only to see Greg standing in front of him wearing only a strategically placed scarf.

“Well, you wearing a scarf for one thing. But more importantly it’s snowing.”

“So, I love the snow.”

“Greg, this is Las Vegas. We’re in the middle of a desert.”

“Nick, babe, do yourself a favor and don’t think about it too hard. If you think too hard, you stop enjoying life. Now stop that and get dressed. There’s a few inches down on the ground already and I’m dying to build a snow dildo.”

“You are so weird sometimes, you know that?”

“Of course, that’s how I reel in the boys… and girls, but it works on guys better.”


A few minutes later, the boys were outside and Greg had managed to build a convincingly realistic snow version of Nick’s manhood. Nick was not happy.

“Greg! What the hell do you think you’re doing? We have neighbors!” yelled Nick, trying not to cringe as he stomped on the snow-phallus’s shaft.

“Relax, it’s 11:30 at night, all the kids we haven’t already corrupted with our marathon love-making sessions are asleep. Besides, you should be flattered, it wasn’t to scale.”

“Oh, really? You’ll take that back if you ever want to see the real thing again.” Said Nick, smirking. Greg’s back was turned and he was about to gather up more snow to make a scale model of another part of Nick’s anatomy when he felt a heavy something hit his rear.

“Oh, a snowball? Really mature, Stokes! You want to play that way, huh? Then take this!” said Greg, grabbing a handful of snow that was about to become another dildo and shoved it in Nick’s face. The two went tumbling into the nearest snow drift, Greg on top.

“I like this play.” said Nick.

“I figured you would, even though you aren’t on top.” Greg winked and was able to roll Nick over. Before Nick could say anything, Greg had grabbed another handful of snow and shoved it down the elastic of Nick’s snow pants.

Nick jumped up and yelped a rather un-masculine yelp.

“Greg! What the hell’s the matter with you? You are going down, Sanders!”

“I know I am, nothing would make you happier!” yelled Greg, laughing and leading Nick back to their house. In the front hallway, as Greg was stomping the snow out of his boots, he was pinned to the wall my Nick.

“I said, you’re going down, Sanders. Now go down.” Growled Nick, his voice husky.

“Yes sir, right away sir.” Greg, didn’t seem too upset.
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