What Are You? by 10th_letter [Reviews - 3]

As Wendy and Mandy sat in the break room talking, they wound up discussing their colleague, Greg Sanders.

“So is he or isn’t he?” asked Wendy, putting down her coffee mug.

“What do you mean?” asked Mandy.

“Is Greg gay or not?” replied Wendy.

“The way he flirts with us? He can’t possibly be… you know.”

“But what if he’s compensating?”

“Compensating? For what?” asked Mandy.

“I say we find out once and for all if Greg Sanders is gay or straight.” Said Wendy, an evil grin spreading across her face.


“So, Greg, we just wanted to let you know that it’s ok for you to be who you truly are with us.” Said Wendy, later that evening.

“What do you mean?” asked a very confused Greg.

“I mean, we’ve figured out your secret, don’t worry, we won’t judge.” Mandy chimed in.

“You, you have? You have to promise not to tell anyone, if the detectives hear they’ll-“ stammered Greg.

“Greg, it’s ok. Come here, give us a hug.” Said Mandy, looking over at Wendy, the two of them engulfing Greg in a bear hug.

Greg smiled.


“I just don’t think what you two are doing is right. You can’t force this on him.” Said Archie, as he sat with the girls in the breakroom.

“We’re not forcing him, we just want him to know that he can be who is really is inside.” Said Wendy.

“But Greg flirts with everyone, it’s never been a problem for you two before.”

“This will be good for him, you’ll see.” Said Mandy.


Later that shift in the hall, Greg was talking to Nick and Warrick about a case. Wendy ran up to him and hugged him hard.

“Thanks for taking me shopping earlier Greg! You were right, that top looked great on me!”

Greg leaned forward into the hug and whispered into Wendy’s ear, “The rest of you looked hot too.”
Wendy recoiled in shock and walked off in a huff. Greg smiled turning around to face Nick and Warrick.

“What was that all about, man?” asked Warrick.

“Chicks dig gay guys.” Said Greg walking off down the hall. As Nick bent over to tie his shoes, Greg thought to himself, “Nothing wrong with that.”. He saw Catherine walking the opposite way down the hall, fixing her low cut blouse. “Nothing wrong with that, either.” As Archie was walking down the hall behind Catherine, Greg thought “Nothing at all wrong with that.”.

As Greg made his way to the exit, he was stopped by Hodges.

“What the hell are you, Sanders?”

“I’m Greg.” He replied, whistling the tune to It’s Raining Men as he left.
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