Bad Day? by Kiekster Banjo [Reviews - 7]

Bad Day?

“Fuck!” Greg cursed as he slammed the file folder shut in front of him and brought his finger to his lips. A paper cut. On top of EVERYTHING that had gone wrong that day; a paper cut. But not only a paper cut. A paper cut from a file he shouldn’t have had to read in the first place…but that was the most recent of his problems.

He’d had a dentist appointment earlier that day and the hygienist must have been confused about the task she was set to perform. She clearly thought she was carving a pumpkin for Halloween as opposed to cleaning his teeth. So not only did he have a headache from the disgusting dentist office smell, but also his jaw ached making it impossible for him to eat Catherine’s delicious homemade fudge; leftovers from Lindsay’s bake sale.

He’d been assigned to a decomp that was more comp then was clearly necessary. He got the idea. The guy was dead, and had been for several weeks. That in no way meant he had to get his goo on Greg’s new shoes or make him and his Denali smell like a stink bomb had been set off after a guy had…died in the car.

Upon leaving the morgue Greg had found a parking ticket perched on his windshield because obviously having the tail end of his Denali a centimeter to close to the fire hydrant had been an offense worthy of a 40-dollar ticket.

When he’d gotten to the crime lab he raced to get his evidence to its respective labs before bee lining it to the locker room for a much-needed shower. Not three steps away from the locker room did Catherine grab him by the arm and whirl him around, explaining she needed his immediate help on a case related to a robbery he’d worked almost two months earlier…pausing of course to mention how gross he smelled.

Bringing him to the file…and the paper cut. He could barely remember the robbery Catherine was referencing; it having been one of many robbery cases he’d gotten over the previous 6 months, and he didn’t particularly get how Catherine’s case related to it…though that could have been his surly mood clouding his mind.

He pushed back from the table and got up; set on taking a shower whether Catherine liked it or not. He stalked through the halls, ignoring Hodges’ inappropriately timed snide remark and barely grunting an answering ‘hey’ to Archie.

He made it to the locker room and went straight for his locker, intent on grabbing his towel. As he yanked open the door, barely stopping to twist the lock his harsh movements ceased as he saw something perched atop his folded green towel.

Standing precariously on the folds of towel was a miniature bobble head of what he could only assume was Einstein. He looked at it curiously, scanned the locker room, and then looked again at the figure. Attached to Einstein was a note and he gently pulled the tape away and unfolded the note;

"Hey my Einstein,

Caught a glimpse of you earlier and noticed you may need some cheering up. So before you take your shower (which I hear from Catherine you really need :P) I just wanted you to know that your incredibly smart, your incredibly adorable, you brighten every room you enter and that if you need to talk about your day (the good, the bad or the goo covered ugly) I’ll be there when you get home from work. Keep smiling baby, its one of the many things your good at.

Well that’s all for now. See you tonight.

Oh wait!…I love you."

Greg’s face no longer held a scowl. It no longer mattered that he smelt like death, or that his finger was throbbing, or that his jaw ached or that he had to stop at the bank to get 2 twenties to pay a parking ticket.

Greg folded the note and slid it to rest behind a picture of the ocean on the inside of his locker door before grabbing his bobble head Einstein, shaking it experimentally and then placing it gently into his pocket.

“What’s with the smile? You’ve been Mr. Grouchy Puss all day.” Sara commented entering the locker room.

It wasn’t until then that Greg realized he was, in fact, smiling. He shrugged and closed his locker, towel in hand, “Can’t stay grouchy forever. And beside, why hide these pearly white?” He asked with a wink and a laugh as Sara shook her head with a chuckle. Greg shrugged threw his towel over his shoulder and turned on his heel to head for the showers.

The End

A/N: Sometimes everyone needs a little cheering up…like I did today. =)
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