Bad Day Cure by Paige [Reviews - 5]

Greg slammed the door to the house he shared with his lovers. God, today had sucked! He’d been stuck working with Sara today and she’d been in one of her ‘I can’t have Grissom so I’m gonna take it out on you’ moods and had been a total bear to deal with. She’d criticized every move he’d made from his photographing of the scene to how he processed evidence. By the end of the night, Greg had been ready to kill her and it hadn’t helped that his lovers had been out in Pahrump. Cath and Warrick had been around, but they’d had their own case to deal with.

Greg sighed, he was tired and pissed and he just wanted to go to bed and curl up with his lovers, but he couldn’t because they were still in Pahrump. He slammed around the bedroom, taking off his jacket and shoes. He was so engrossed in his own thoughts that he didn’t notice Nick walking in the bedroom door.

Nick watched his younger lover prowling around their bedroom with concern. He and Gil had both been angry when they’d gotten back from Pahrump and Catherine had informed them that Sara had been badgering and picking at Greg all night, criticizing everything he did and just going out of her way to make him miserable. Gil had gone looking for Sara but not before he’d told Nick to go home.

Deciding on a course of action, Nick slipped behind Greg and wrapped his arms around Greg’s waist, shushing the young man when he startled.

Greg squirmed restlessly as he felt Nick beginning to kiss his neck. Even though he loved being Gil and Nick’s pet and being dominated by them, he wasn’t in the mood to play games. He just wanted to sleep, but Nick had other ideas. Nick’s grip on his waist shifted so that he had Greg wrapped tight in his strong arms, which made Greg squirm even more even though he couldn’t move very much.

“Stop it Greg.” But when Greg kept squirming, Nick’s hand stole down to Greg’s cock and squeezed it to the point of hurting, it had the desired effect, Greg immediately stilled.

“Good boy.” Nick praised, shifting from squeezing to massaging Greg’s dick while whispering gentle nothings in his lover’s ear. Slowly, Greg relaxed into Nick’s arms, whimpering softly.

“Atta boy. Just relax. Trust me to give you what you need.” Nick soothed, gently kissing and sucking on his earlobe. When he sensed that Greg wasn’t going to try to get away, Nick relaxed his grip and turned Greg around so that they were facing each other and took the younger man’s lips in a deep tongue filled kiss.

Greg’s mouth opened with a moan under the gentle assault. He could feel his anger beginning to wane. Nick, sensing Greg’s submission, slid his hands down to Greg’s ass and pulled him closer while sliding his knee between Greg’s thighs.

The two men were so involved in their kiss they didn’t notice Gil walking into the bedroom.

Gil smiled when he surveyed the scene in front of him. He’d been worried as to what he would find when he got home. From Catherine’s description of Sara’s attitude and treatment of Greg, Gil knew that Greg would be in one of his rare genuinely angry moods. He’d felt bad for sending Nick home to deal with Greg while he dealt with Sara, but Nick and Greg had been friends almost from the moment they’d met, so Nick would know how to calm Greg down.

Suddenly, Gil became aware of Nick looking at him. His two lovers were now facing him. Nick was stroking Greg’s now bare chest with one hand and massaging the visible bulge in Greg’s jeans with the other. Greg, for his part, looked like he was on Cloud 9, moaning softly but refraining from trying to rub against Nick’s hand. He knew that he wasn’t allowed to cum until his Masters said he could and breaking that rule would get him punished.

Gil felt dick harden at the sight. The three of them engaged in a Masters/submissive relationship with Greg submitting to both Nick and himself. They all enjoyed the release it gave them after hard or bad nights like this one.

“Look at our boy, Gil,” Nick whispered, still stroking Greg. “He’s so sweet and beautiful. I’ve been waiting for you to get home so we can take care of our beautiful little boy the way he deserves after tonight.”

Gil smiled, walking over to his lovers, he kissed Nick before turning his attention to Greg. He tilted the young man’s face toward him, appreciating the dazed, lustful look in the warm depths before taking Greg in a hard kiss, owning and dominating the youngest of their little triad.

Greg was in heaven, Nick had been pretty helpful in calming him down and taking him into light headspace. Now Gil was kissing him with a passion that would amaze their co-workers. Slowly, he eased Greg out of Nick’s arms and into his own. Nick plastered himself against Greg’s back, kissing the back of his neck and helping Gil bring their youngest member closer to the brink of orgasm with their hands. Soon both men heard Greg’s moans and whimpers becoming louder and more frequent.

Gil broke off the kiss and pressed his lips against Greg’s ear. “You wanna cum, little boy?” Greg nodded, completely unable to speak. He was shaking with the effort to hold off his orgasm. Over his shoulder, his Masters shared a smile. Gil slid his hand to Greg’s waistband, unfastening his jeans and taking his dick in his hand, Nick’s hand joined his and together, they began to stroke Greg and Gil whispered to Greg, “Cum for us little boy. Let it go.”

Greg shuddered and whimpered as he came. He didn’t scream or cry out, he never did. Finally spent he relaxed and buried his face in Gil’s shoulder with a sigh.

Gil and Nick smiled and Gil gently walked Greg over to their king sized bed and laid the young man out on his back. Working together, they stripped Greg of the rest of his clothes, being sure to touch and caress him as much as possible. Soon Greg was hard and whimpering again.

“You want more little boy?” Gil asked as he stripped off his clothes and sitting on the bed.

Greg’s dazed brown eyes focused on the two men he loved most, he wanted to feel them both inside him so bad, he was literally shaking. “Please.”

Gil’s smirk turned evil. “What do you think Nicky? Should we give our little boy what he’s asking for?”

Nick smiled and trailed a finger down Greg’s chest. “Yeah, he deserves a special reward for not goin’ off on Sara today.” He leaned in and began to suck and nibble on Greg’s nipples. Greg whimpered and arched into Nick’s mouth, quiet pleas for more tumbling out of his mouth.

His lovers smiled at each other, each knowing what the other was thinking for a reward. They’d been experimenting with double penetration ever since Gil and Nick had come home from a conference in Miami. They’d met Lieutenant Horatio Caine, Tim Speedle and their sub, Ryan Wolfe. Horatio had mentioned that they would sometimes engage in double penetration on Ryan. The young man had admitted that it did hurt at first but that the feeling was intense and very pleasurable. Horatio had said that they’d eased Ryan into it by working with dildos of increasing size and their fingers. And then just to prove that it was pleasurable to the skeptical Las Vegas criminalists, they’d given them a very…enlightening demonstration. Gil and Nick had left with a burning desire to try it out themselves.

They’d worked to get Greg adjusted by doing what Horatio recommended and using dildos and their fingers to loosen him up. Now they were ready to go all the way. Gil reached into the table on his side of the bed for lube and condoms. He’d bought an extra bottle the last time he’d gone to the store. He wanted Greg to feel as little discomfort as possible. He knew that Greg would feel pain, having two cocks inside him pretty much guaranteed that, but he still wanted to keep it to a minimum. “Greg, on your hands and knees.” Greg hurried to comply, sensing what kind of reward they had in mind. The thought of having both his lovers’ cocks in him at once was thrilling if a little scary. He knew that they’d stop if he safeworded, so that was a consolation.

Gil ran a soothing hand down Greg back as if sensing his nervousness. “Easy baby boy. We don’t have to do this if you don’t want to.”

Greg shook his head, “No, I want to do this, Master.” He smiled up at his lover, hoping to show his eagerness.
Gil smiled and lubed up his fingers. He gently slid a finger in Greg’s eager opening. Working it in and out, absorbing Greg’s whimpers and sighs. Finally satisfied that Greg was ready, he had Nick lean against the headboard and maneuvered Greg so that he was straddling Nick. Gil gently guided Greg so that the tip of Nick’s thick cock was resting just inside Greg’s hole before sliding his own aching cock into the tight hole.

All three men groaned in unison. The feeling was everything Horatio and Tim had promised and more. The tight heat combined with feeling one another’s cocks just about sent Gil and Nick over the edge. But it was nothing compared to what Greg was feeling. He’d never felt more full in his life. It hurt yes, but the intense pleasure ruled out a lot of the pain.

“Greg? You all right?” Gil managed to gasp out, he was using every ounce of control he had to not cum then and there. His main concern was whether or not Greg was in too much pain. If he was, safeword or not, he’d stop this, no matter how hard it was.

Greg let out a moan that didn’t really sound like pain, but Gil wasn’t going to be satisfied unless he got a coherent answer. “Answer me Greg, are you all right?”

It took Greg a minute to get his wits together to answer. “It hurts a little Master but I’m okay. Honest.”

Gil wasn’t completely convinced, “Are you sure?”

Greg nodded, “I’m sure Master.”

Still worried, Gil sent a look to Nick, silently asking for his opinion. Nick tilted Greg’s face to his and observed his flushed face and lust-dazed brown eyes. Satisfied that Greg wasn’t in serious pain, Nick nodded to Gil that everything seemed okay. Satisfied, Gil lightly slapped Greg’s ass, “Move little boy. Work yourself on us.”

Greg moaned and began to move, after a few seconds, Nick and Gil synchronized their thrusts. Soon all of them were moaning with ecstasy. All too soon, Greg could feel his balls tightening and began whimpering. “Please, please Master. I’m gonna, I need.” His words broke off into a whine of need as Nick’s hand wrapped around his aching cock.

“You wanna come little boy?” Nick’s husky voice filtered through the haze of lust Greg was floating in. He nodded, trying to convey to his masters how much he wanted to cum.

Nick smiled and caressed Greg’s cheek with one hand, savoring how their pet rubbed his cheek against his palm.

“What do you think Gil. Should we let our little boy cum?”

Gil forced himself out of his lustful haze to focus on Nick’s words. Greg’s tight heat combined with the feeling of Nick’s cock next to his were taxing his control to the maximum. He smiled his agreement at Nick and pressed a kiss behind Greg’s ear. “Cum for us little boy.” He place his hand over Nick’s and they both began jerking Greg off with hard strokes until Greg let out a wail and he felt hot cum coating their hands. The sudden tightness around both his and Nick’s cocks set both of them off. They milked Greg until the young man sagged against Gil, totally limp. Tilting the young face to his, Nick saw a tired, sated smile on Greg’s face.

Gil carefully eased himself out of Greg’s body and checked his cock, no blood. He gently eased Greg off of Nick’s cock and was relieved to see that there was no blood on Nick either. With Nick’s help, Gil managed to get their limp pet onto his front, both figuring that Greg’s ass would be more than a little sore, even with all the precautions they’d taken.

Greg, for his part, was floating on a nice warm cloud. He barely felt the wipe Gil used to clean them all off. He let out a little murmur of protest when hands moved him so his cock could be wiped off and a gentle finger probed his well-fucked hole.

After cleaning them all and making sure that there was no serious damage done to Greg, Gil laid down on Greg’s other side so that the younger man was snuggled between them. After awhile, Nick spoke.

“So what happened between you and Sara after I left?”

Gil sighed, he really hadn’t wanted to discuss that now but he knew that Nick wouldn’t drop the subject. “It wasn’t pretty. I asked her what happened and she tried to say that Cath and Warrick made it up to make her look bad. Then I told her that Cath and Warrick weren’t the only people who’d commented on her attitude lately and I gave her an ultimatum. Change her attitude and quit acting like a spoiled child or she can find another job.”

Nick sighed, he knew how much Gil hated ultimatums and knew that having to give one to Sara had been hard since Gil had really been hoping that the young woman would get over her obsession with him and find someone else. “You’re doing the right thing Gil. Sara’s getting out of control and if she pulls another stunt like tonight, Catherine will probably slug her.”

Gil knew Nick was right but it didn’t make giving the ultimatum any easier. They lay there quietly for several minutes, gently stroking Greg’s hair and back, making their beautiful sub purr in his sleep. Suddenly Nick began laughing.

“What’s so funny?” Gil asked.

Nick smiled, “I was just thinking, we really should send Horatio and Tim a thank you card for showing us this little trick.”

Gil smiled too, “We’ll have to think about that. Or maybe make them a video to pay them back for letting us watch their demonstration.” With that, both men snuggled down for sleep, both men wrapping protective arms around their pet and each other, confident that whatever happened tomorrow, they’d be able to handle together.

The End. Or is it?
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