Sunday, A Day of Rest by Davey [Reviews - 0]

Nick's feet pounded across the pavement as he rounded the corner and headed up Bentley. One more mile and he'd be home. Home. He smiled at the thought. The bank might own a big chunk of it for quite a few more years, but it was still their home - his and Greg's. Three years together, and they finally had their own place. No more going back and forth between their two apartments. That had been especially difficult once Nick had gotten Maverick.

Maverick - who should really be with Nick on his run, exercising, but was probably cuddled up on his "doggie pillow" at the foot of their bed, being lazy. Kind of like Greg. His pace sped up slightly when his mind automatically pulled up the image of Greg in their bed before Nick had left for his run - a slim, pale leg peeking out from under the comforter, the curve of his long, smooth back, the messy-head of hair, a hint of that almost hairless chest. Nick had almost not been able to pull himself away from that sight; it was only the force of habit that sent him searching for his sneakers in the coat closet and then running out the front door.

Sprinting the rest of the way down their street and up the driveway to the door, Nick reveled in the fact that it was Sunday. Sundays with Greg were his favorite day of the week. After his run, he'd take a quick shower and then crawl back into bed with Greg until 10:30 or so. They'd go out to breakfast and then come home, take Maverick for a walk, and spend a leisurely afternoon doing whatever they wanted - they might play Sega or watch a game on TV or just spend the whole afternoon in bed, making slow, sweet love.

Whatever they decided to do, Nick really didn't care. He'd never imagined his life would turn out this way - the house, the dog, his successful veterinary practice, and Greg most of all. With Greg on his mind, Nick peeked into the bedroom before heading off to clean up - the blonde was sound asleep, curled around Nick's pillow, the comforter tangled between his bare legs. Nick hovered there in the doorway for a few minutes, just watching his boyfriend sleep, before turning and making his way to the bathroom. The sooner his shower was over, the sooner he could untangle Greg from the comforter, steal back his pillow, and wrap himself around that handsome form until it was time to wake up.
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