What Hurts The Most by Psychotic_Scam [Reviews - 1]

Greg doesn't know what to do anymore. He's talked to Catherine about it, and she told him 'give it a chance; it might come back', but Greg knew it wasn't. It was gone. He realized that when he said it last night at the gay club. When he was with Colin, an old friend of his, he had said,

"My one true love is women." The brown haired man had laughed and said, "Except Nick," And he couldn't hide the grim look that settled on his face. And now, talking to Catherine on the Messenger, and how she had told him Nick's gift for him for their anniversary, it almost broke him. How could he do it with that on the line? And after he swore he wouldn't break Nick's heart since it had been one too many times... He let out a screech of anger, slamming his head none-too-gently into the desk and letting out a grunt of pain in result.

"Fuck," He cursed, his voice cracking under the building pressure of tears burning the back of his eyelids. He wouldn't cry. It was complicated, the way he felt. Because he wasn't IN love with him anymore, he just... loved him. Like a brother... or a friend. But not a 'lover' or a 'boyfriend'. And he didn't know why.

Falling out of love... is just awful. He was scared, honestly. He was scared that he was going to find himself lowering down his guard, and let Nick in. He didn't want to let that happen. He couldn't.

"What a fine trap I've set myself up for..." He mumbled, leaning his head against the monitor. A blip came up, signaling someone signing on. He checked to see. Fuck. Nick's SN, I constantly thank him for you. With heart emoticons around his own name came up, and Greg felt guilty. What was a man to do?

Tell the truth.

He sighed heavily, leaning back in his seat. He had to tell Nick. Just as he thought of it, Nick messaged him, bringing up a window. He blinked gently, his lips in a firm line. It was now or never. Nick had typed; "Hey babe" and Greg swallowed his doubts. Raising shaking hands, his fingers pecked at the letters taunting him on the keyboard, spelling out the sentence in the chat box.

"Nick, I gotta talk to you." He pressed enter, than a beat after Nick had replied, he continued. "There's something I need to tell you..."
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