Greg Who Makes Passes At Nick Who Wears Glasses by Davey [Reviews - 2]

He wasn't sure what it was about Nick's glasses, but it was definitely something. Maybe it was the way they made Nick look somehow more approachable. Not that Nick looked unapproachable without them - not with that dimpled smile and his ever-present empathy. But they seemed to soften him somewhat, make him less like Mr. Tall-Dark-and-Really-Fucking-Handsome and more like Nick, the guy who watched the Discovery Channel and cheered for A&M in front of the TV and liked dogs and little kids and loved Greg. They showed his geeky, nerdy side for everyone to see. Greg liked that, that it showed who Nick was on the inside. Because he really loved Nick's inside - the geekiness and the sweetness and everything else. Of course, maybe he was just overanalyzing. After all, Nick looked really hot in the glasses. Maybe that's all it was. And maybe it was both. It didn't matter, really, not when he had Nick undressing in front of him, still wearing his glasses because he knew Greg would like it.
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