Anal Probe by Wojo [Reviews - 2]

Disclaimer: Not mine, wish they were.

Greg awoke wrapped in a warm blanket, also known as Nick. He opened his eyes and Nick was smiling at him.

“Morning sweet cheeks.” Nick said, gently patting Greg's bare bottom.

“Morning,” Greg said and then his eyes widened. “I had the freakiest dream Nicky, aliens came down from outer space and took me aboard their space ship and explored my body! I'm pretty sure they gave me an anal probe too.”

“Yeah?” Nick chuckled. “I bet you enjoyed that.” his hand still on Greg's butt.

“Not funny man! My ass is kinda sore, what if it wasn't a dream? What if it really happened?” Greg said almost ready to panic, and reaching back to rub his ass.

“Trust me, that didn't happen.” Nick assured him, trying hard not to laugh.

“But, what if it did Nicky? I told you my ass is sore!” Greg grabbed Nick's arm and stared into his face.

“Relax G, it was just me. I fucked you in your sleep.” Nick confessed, laughing at his boyfriend.

“Very funny!” Greg smacked Nick's arm. “Thank God, I was really worried there for a minute. But you know Nicky, now that I'm awake I think it's your turn to get a anal probe.” Greg said smirking.

“Well, guess its only fair.” Nick agreed.

The End
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