A Dream Come True by starsigns [Reviews - 4]

A/N: This is my VERY FIRST piece of fan fiction (slash, no less) EVER. Short and sweet for my first try. Just an idea that'd popped into my head. Please be kind.

A Dream Come True

At first it was all tongues and teeth and lips and moans, then Greg felt hands hot under his shirt. He broke contact from the waist up and quickly pulled it over his head, absentmindedly tossing it on top of his fish tank. Nick took this opportunity to devour Greg's nipples one at a time. He licked each of them as one would lick the cream from an oreo cookie, then bit down, sucking the hardened flesh into his mouth. Greg let out a sound that was half-moan, half-sigh; clutched Nick's hair in his fingers and rubbed the other hand across his well-muscled back. He suddenly pulled Nick back up to his mouth, all the while stumbling backwards to pull them both down onto his bed. They fell with a clumsy thud and scrambled back towards the pillows, all heavy breathing and hungry kisses.

"Shit, Greg, I want you so bad. Wanted you for so long..." Nick breathed as they both fumbled to remove the remainders of their clothing. All Greg could say in response was "Mmmhmmm..." as he bucked his hips up, grinding into Nick's cock and sucking hard on his neck.

Both of their cocks were rock hard and dripping, thanks to the tension built up from years of secretly lusting for one another. It has all come down to this night. Finally together. Finally touching, tasting, licking, sucking, biting, grinding, moaning...

Greg sucked on Nick's earlobe and when he finally regained speech, whispered "Please, Nick, I need to be inside of you, please...." This elicited a high-pitched whimper from Nick, who shuddered and had to bite his own tongue to keep from coming then and there. Then - "Yes, oh god, yes Greg....fuck me. Please fuck me..." Greg sucked a few of his fingers into his mouth to prepare Nick for entrance, then heard Nick growl "No...YOU. Now!"

Greg wasted no time flipping Nick over and pinning him to the bed. He wore an almost-evil grin, his eyes dark, yet full of love. Nick practically giggled. He suddenly felt insanely giddy - he was finally getting his wish. Finally he had Greg. Well, at this point it was more like Greg had him.

"What are you laughing at, crazy?" Nick snapped back to the reality of the situation. Greg was holding Nick's strong legs over his shoulders - his cock covered, lubed, and ready - discomfiture on his face. "Sorry," Nick mumbled, "I'm just really excited." His face flushed to an even deeper shade of red.

"Oh, ok." Greg grinned, "I thought you were about to change your mind..." Nick shook his head, and to make his point clear he wrapped his hand around Greg's neck, pulling him down into a soft kiss. As he pulled away, he sucked Greg's bottom lip between his teeth and bit down gently, while arching his hips to push himself against Greg's waiting dick. Both men moaned loudly as Greg pushed his way into Nick. Fingers digging into skin, breath hitching, heat rising. Nick wrapped his legs around Greg to pull him deeper, faster...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Sara woke suddenly, breathing heavy and covered in sweat. She quickly realized her hand was inside of her pajama pants and her fingers were pressed hard against her clit. "FUCK!" She screamed at no one, just her darkened empty bedroom. This was her 4th Greg-and-Nick-getting-it-on dream this week. "I have GOT to get those two together so I can watch... I wonder if they'd go for a threesome..." she wondered as she finished herself off and fell back into a blissful sticky sleep.
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