August Moon by BittersweetDestiny [Reviews - 0]

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Run. Run. Run. Faster, run faster.

You’re never gonna make it. You never make it.

The trees whipped at Greg’s face as he ran through the thick woods; jumping over fallen trees that cross his path, he continues on. His body is aching and yelling at him to stop, but he keeps running. The air is cold and stinging his eyes and the moonlight offers little help here.

Faster Greg, you’re not going to make it. He’s going to die you know, and it will be all your fault.

Greg presses on, ignoring the voice surrounding him and quickly brings a hand to wipe the tears and sweat off his face. He nearly falls when his foot collides with a hidden root, crashing painfully into the tree. He stumbles, catches his breath and continues on.

You’re not going to make it. They have him, they won’t let him live. You know this. They will catch and kill you too.

Greg can see the clearing ahead of him. He could feel the air become less dense and the moonlight helped more now. ‘So close’ his mind rang out, ‘so close.’ And then it happened, they had him; a make-shift knife was thrown into his leg, and he crashed into the rocky terrain below him. ‘Get up!’ his mind screamed ‘they’re coming for you; you have to save him’ But Greg couldn’t get up, he could barely move; his body ached, his leg was bleeding, and he knew it was going to get worse.

I told you. You can never save him now; you’re gonna die, just like him.

A spear was pressed to the back of Greg’s neck and he turned to look at them. Animal hide clothing was haphazardly thrown on their bodies; white and red paints marked their faces and arms; jewelry of bone and teeth adorned their wrists, ankles, and necks. Some had piercings of bone in their noses, cheeks and ears. The spear was lifted and Greg was grabbed and roughly brought to his feet; the rock-knife removed. The spear was now a means of making Greg walk towards the ridge and the clearing.

You can never escape them. They will always get you. Forever.

Forever, echoed in Greg’s head as he was forced forward. “Nicky. No” Greg whispered and was roughly brought to his knees beside his lover. Nick turned his head to look at Greg, his eyes dead and lips sewn together with thick bunches of animal hair. Tears mixed with dried blood on his face as he looked at his lover for the last time, before his head was turned back to the dead plains in front of him.

You can’t save him now, he’s going to die. Just like you.

Greg’s eyes ran over his lover’s body; taking in the sight of missing skin on his arms, whip marks on his back and chest, and the many bite marks that covered his upper half. Nick’s shirt was in tatters at his feet, his pants ripped and stained with blood. Greg was forced to watch as they ripped Nick’s skin off with rusted metal and chipped rocks; a putrid liquid was poured over each new exposed area; burning the wound shut. Nick screamed deep within his throat and pulled at the stitches. A small amount of the liquid was splashed over his lips, ceasing the bleeding.

Look at him suffer. It’s all your fault. You’re next.

Greg tried to turn away and was whipped twice for it; his gaze was brought roughly back to Nick. Greg watched as his boyfriend began to sway, his body shutting down, the pain unbearable; one last sideways glance at Greg and Nick was violently pushed off the edge. They waited in silence as his body fell, and at the deafening crunch of his body colliding with the ground below, they erupted in an animalistic cheer. Greg was surrounded and was forcibly brought to his feet and now stood at the edge to stare at the mangled body of his dead beloved.

You’re next. Hope you can fly.

Greg was roughly thrown off the edge; the wind stinging his eyes, which were now flowing freely with tears. He tensed up before he hit the ground, the force of the impact threw his eyes open, and they met with the dead ones of Nick.


Greg gasped and his eyes flew open to meet Nick’s, and jerked backwards and off the bed, bringing the blankets with him. He groaned upon impact and was now panting heavily into the carpet.

“Greg?” Nick asked cautiously at Greg’s side, “Are you ok?”

Greg made a non-committal noise and made to get up, but was engulfed in Nick’s arms and laid down in bed. Nick put the blankets back on the bed and got in beside Greg and pulled him close. Greg rested his head on his lover’s chest and draped an arm possessively over his waist.

“Wanna talk about it?” Nick asked quietly while absentmindedly running a hand through Greg’s hair.

“What’s there to talk about?” Greg asked bitterly, “I have the same one every night. Every night since…” he trailed off, not wanting to mention when Nick was kidnapped.

Nick sighed, and brought the younger CSI’s mouth to his and captured it in a loving kiss. Nick broke apart first and held the younger man close, “We’ll get through this.” He whispered.

“I hope so.” Was Greg’s defeated reply


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