Who Would Have Thought It Was Because Of Becks? by NVenus [Reviews - 2]

“I’m sorry, what was it you just said?” Greg asked.

Nick had just asked him over to watch football, and Greg obviously hadn’t been listening. Nick repeated himself.

“Greg, do you want to come over to my house after shift to watch football with me?”

“Yeah, ok. I guess. Who do you want to win?” He asked.

“England, I guess,” Nick replied.

“Yeah, I’d like England to win, but if they don’t, my second preference is Italy,” Greg said.

“Cool, so you know where I live and I’ll see you there, right?”

“Yup, after shift.”


Later that night, after shift, Greg drove over to Nick’s house to watch football. When he got there, Nick already had ESPN on and was watching the pre-game chit-chat. Greg sat down next to him on the couch and waited for the match to start.

When the match finally started, Nick glanced over at Greg and found him intently watching the screen.

“Who’s your favorite player, then?” Nick asked him. His personal favorite was David Beckham, because he was very good, and very sexy. But he wasn’t about to out himself and tell Greg that.

“Lucky number 7. David Beckham, of course. And who is yours?”

“Becks, who else?” Nick asked.

“And I know why,” Greg said, as if he knew all the secrets to the universe, including everything about Cricket. Nick laughed uncomfortably.

“And why is it that David Beckham is my favorite player?” he asked.

“It’s because he’s dead sexy,” Greg replied. SHIT! He knows!

“Oh really now? And who else do I think is sexy, if you are so all knowing?”

“Well… for one thing, you think I’m sexy,” Greg said with a smirk. Nick blanched.

“Oh don’t look so startled. It’s common knowledge at work that you have the biggest crush ever on me.” Nick’s eyes widened. Had he really been that obvious?

“It’s also common knowledge that you think we think that you’re a ladies man. But you only think that because we let you. We all know that you really bat for the other side.” Nick was on the verge of shooting himself. If Greg had known he was gay, and hadn’t said anything, it must mean that he was ok with it, but it also meant that, Greg Sanders, the love of his life (biggest crush ever anyway) did not want him.

“But, there’s one thing that you don’t know, that isn’t common knowledge around work. And that is that I bat for the other side as well.” Fuck. Greg most certainly didn’t want him.

“Oh, and another thing, my crush? It’s you.” Greg nearly laughed at the rapidly changing expressions going across Nick’s face. Nick finally got a grip on himself and just leaned into Greg and kissed him.


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