And The Winner Is... by csi_nikki [Reviews - 6]

Greg stretched and shuffled down the hallway stopping at the bathroom to relieve him of the urine that had been building up during the night. Yawning he headed towards the bedroom flinching as he heard another yell, similar to the one that had woken him up.

After he had walked in he saw Nick glaring at their television set, muttering to himself about something or other. “Morning,” He said letting Nick know he was there. The Texan turned and smiled before nodding a welcome to him and patting the couch beside him.

Greg slowly made his way to the couch and plopped down beside his fiancé. Once he looked at the television he knew why Nick had been yelling. For days now Nick had been watching the World Cup of Soccer and currently he was watching the Italy vs. France game.

Sighing Greg waited until it was half-time to get Nick’s attention. “Nick, honey, why don’t you come back to bed with me?” He said pleadingly.

Nick looked at him and shook his head. “No way.”

“But why not?” Greg whined.

“Because I’m watching the game. It’s the very last one of the Cup, G!” Nick said firmly.

Rolling his eyes Greg watched, rather disappointed, the rest of the game. But as the game progressed Greg found himself glued to the television. He, as well as Nick, began shouting at Italy to get their butts in motion and score, while at the same time, yelled at referee to start calling penalties on France.

Finally the game went into a Penalty Shoot Out and both Nick and Greg were on the edges of their seats. After what seemed to Greg as forever, the game ended and Italy won.

Nick and Greg both jumped and cheered for their team. And before Greg knew it Nick pushed him onto the couch and kissed him hard.

Smiling Greg kissed him back, if he had known a soccer game would make Nick so desperate like this before he would’ve stayed and watched all the other games with him.

“During this long and vigorous tournament this year at the FIFA World Cup of Soccer we have watched many great teams play. This final match was one of the best played I have ever seen in my days of commentary, and the winner is...Italy!” The announcer of the television interrupted Greg’s and Nick’s make out session.

Quickly Nick picked up the remote and switched off the television before throwing the control across the living room.

Before Greg knew it Nick was stuffing his hand down his jeans and the lab rat couldn’t help but think ‘Nick Stokes, the most beautiful man in the world has set up quite a fight against many women and men during his life but we have finally come up with a champion! And the winner is…Greg Sanders!'.
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