And If I Had Passed Out? by ItGlitters [Reviews - 8]

“You need to stay here, Greg,” Nick said, trying to wretch the car keys away from his friend.

“I’m fine!” Greg slurred indignantly. “Besides, you let Warrick go home!” Greg fell against the kitchen table.

Nick finally managed to snatch the keys away. “Warrick had, like, three beers. You’ve had at least three times that!”

“So you can take me home!”

“Greggo, no can do – I’ve had a few too many myself.” It was entirely untrue; Nick had secretly poured most of his drinks into the kitchen sink when no one was looking. “What’s so bad about sleeping here, anyway?”

“I can’t sleep on the couch… because of my back,” he said quietly as he sat down on a kitchen chair.

Nick put a hand on Greg’s shoulder. “That was a year ago, G. Haven’t the scars healed by now?”

“Scars, yes – chronic back pain, not so much.”

“Well, I have a big bed…”

“The polite thing to do would be to offer to sleep on the couch, Nick.”

“It’s my house! I’m sleeping in my bed! C’mon – be a big boy,” Nick said, lifting Greg to his feet with far more physical contact than was needed. Greg stumbled behind Nick and collapsed onto the bed. He tried to take off his jeans, but his hands wouldn’t cooperate.

“Let me help you, G,” Nick said, licking his lips unconsciously.

Greg stared at the ceiling and let his arms hang limp at his sides and allowed Nick try. Nick pretended that the zipper was stuck – an excuse to fondle Greg.

“If I didn’t know better…” Greg mumbled.

Nick saw it as his opportunity – he had had far less to drink than Greg, but there was still enough alcohol in his system to bolster his courage. He pulled down Greg’s zipper and snuck his hand in Greg’s boxers – caressing the warm flesh inside.

Greg shot up with more speed than Nick thought possible of a man so inebriated. Nick pulled his hand out and moved away form the bed.

“Greg – sorry. I crossed a line…” Nick realized that there was no way to talk himself out of the situation. He had just put his hand on Greg’s dick – very intentionally – and he wasn’t going to be able to pass it off as anything else. “Listen, I just thought, you’re such a free spirit, and I know we always talk about women, but you always stood so close to me…” He was babbling because Greg wasn’t moving or saying anything.

“Nick, shut up.”

Nick swallowed and stopped talking.

“How come,” Greg started slowly; “You never… never said anything before?”

“Thought I would never have a chance.”

“So, you get me drunk and try to feel me up? What would you have done if I had passed out?” Greg yelled.

“I wouldn’t have… no… I swear it. I just hadn’t had the courage till now and it’s a shitty time and I’m sorry. If we could just forget this ever happened,” Nick pleaded.

Greg lay back down on the bed, but didn’t say anything. Nick was sure that if Greg hadn’t been so drunk, he would have taken a swing.

“I just wish I wasn’t so drunk for our first time,” Greg said, almost casually, his voice breaking into Nick’s fevered thoughts.

It took a few seconds for Nick to get his mouth to work. “What?” was all he managed to squeak out.

Greg was pulling down his pants, including his boxers – putting on a drunken show for Nick. He pulled his shirt over his head, got up and bent over the bed, exposing his ass to Nick. “But, then again, I’ve heard anal sex hurts your first time, so it’s probably good that I’ve had a few.”

The rational part of Nick’s mind wanted to have a discussion – find out how long Greg had felt the same, find out if he had had any other experiences with men. But, the blood was rushing to his cock and Greg was naked and bent over the bed.

Nick disrobed in record time as he rushed to the nightstand for lube and a condom. Greg’s eyes were squeezed shut as Nick pushed the first finger in.

“Calm down, G.”

“It’s not like I don’t know what it’s like to have a finger in my ass – it’s just that that’s about as far as I ever got and… I saw… your… and…” Greg gritted his teeth as Nick pushed in three fingers at once – he was rushing the preparation.

Nick wanted to be gentle, but the alcohol and the hormones were coursing through his system, taking control. He lubed up Greg’s insides as best he could do in his frantic state and then rolled a condom onto himself. With one hand, he braced Greg’s hip, and with the other, he pulled Greg open. When he pushed in – too fast, and he knew it – he heard Greg scream.

Nick didn’t move, but tried to whisper to Greg to relax – that it would be better soon. Greg laid his upper body flat against the mattress and pulled at the sheets – Nick stood behind him, unwilling to pull out.

Nick started to caress Greg’s skin and move shallowly – just enough to cause a sensation of pleasure in Greg’s body. As Nick began to move, Greg continued to pull at the sheets – but for an entirely different reason than before.

Nick grabbed Greg’s hips firmly and started to move with earnest. Greg was writhing beneath him with each powerful thrust. Greg managed to lift himself off the bed and hook his arms around Nick’s head, so that they were both standing and flush against one another. Nick released his grip with one hand and used it to tease the head of Greg’s swollen cock. Greg yelled and shot his load across Nick’s sheets.

Nick took one more ragged breath before spilling into the condom and collapsing onto the bed with Greg. He gently pulled out and dropped the used condom into the small trashcan by the bed – which was filled mostly with tissue he had used while thinking about Greg.

“Fuck or puke,” Greg said dreamily.


“Rule of thumb when you drunk too much. You either fuck or puke.”

“Oh…” Nick said sadly, he had wanted to be more than a drunken mistake.

“We can do this when I’m sober, right?” Greg asked, rolling in closer to Nick.

“Whenever you want,” he responded, smiling.
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