Wardrobe Choices by StarEyedNight [Reviews - 3]

When Greg came into the break room in a suit, Nick thought he’d swallow his tongue.

Smartly attired in a navy suit and matching tie, Greg busied himself with a cup of coffee while Nick tried to pretend he wasn’t staring. He’d long since accepted his pathetic crush on Greg, but it didn’t make it any easier when he was standing there, hair neatly combed and tie just a little crooked, and looking pretty damn hot.

Greg brought the coffee with him to stand by the table and Nick tried to busy himself with the file in front of him, hoping Greg hadn’t noticed how hard he’d just been looking.


“Oh, hey G. What’s with the suit?”

“Ah, you noticed. A defense attorney was besmirching my honour, so I had to go and defend it and the pride of the LVMPD.”

“So you were in court.”

Greg favoured him with a grin. “Very good. At this rate you’ll be a CSI in no time.”

“Ha ha,” Nick replied, reshuffling some papers in a vain attempt to distract himself.

Oblivious to Nick’s discomfort, Greg leaned over Nick’s shoulder to look at the file. “What’re you working on?” he asked, voice close enough to Nick’s ear to make him suppress a shiver.

“Uh, just finishing the report on the Mendoza case.”

“With the missing daughter and blood all over her broken mirror?” Greg’s tie was dangling over Nick’s shoulder, almost touching the pages.

“Yeah, turns out she broke her mirror having a psychotic episode, then ran off. She showed up back home this morning.”

“Psychotic episode?” Greg asked, turning his head to look at Nick.

“Yeah, she’s in the hospital tight now. Possibly bi-polar or manic depressive, or what have you.”

“Bi-polar and manic are the same thing.”

“Yeah, well, you’d know.” Nick turned his head to grin at Greg, suddenly realizing how close they were. Nick could smell Greg’s cologne and feel the heat and nervous energy radiating off him.

Greg, surprisingly enough, was the first to look away, flushing. He started to rise, but was stopped when Nick’s hand developed a mind of it’s own and grabbed Greg’s tie.

Body still acting independently of his brain, he pulled Greg back down by the navy silk to fit their mouths together. Greg gasped and Nick took the opportunity to slide his tongue into Greg’s mouth. He used the hand not gripping Greg’s tie like a lifeline to angle Greg’s head to deepen the kiss. Greg’s tongue was stroking Nick’s and the little moan from deep in his throat made it clear Greg was not having a problem with this.

Lungs burning, Nick finally tore his lips from Greg’s. Greg had the dazed look of the thoroughly kissed, but he blinked it off to stare at Nick. Suddenly worried, then embarrassed, Nick unclenched his cramped fingers from Greg’s tie. Greg was still looking at him with a mixture of surprise and awe, lips kiss-swollen and hair mussed and it was all Nick could do not to reach out and do it again.

Instead, he turned abruptly back to the file open on the table, mind racing as he tried not to panic. “Sorry,” he said, voice rough as he shuffled papers with hands that only shook a bit.

“You’re sorry? I’m sorry." Nick looked up at Greg, but he continued. “I’d have worn a suit to work months ago if I’d known this was how you’d react.”

“Huh?” Apparently Nick’s mind had taken a vacation now, tired from being overthrown by his hormones. “I’m sorry, what?”

“I will wear a suit every day from now on if you promise to kiss me like that every time,” Greg enunciated helpfully.

Nick grinned, nervousness almost banished when Greg smiled at him like that. “No need for the suit, but...” he took hold of Greg’s wrinkled tie again. “This could come in handy.”

Greg leaned in to kiss him, a quick kiss that nonetheless left Nick aching for more. “We’ll have to talk wardrobe choices after shift. My place?”

“Works for me.”

On that note, Greg smoothed down his now ruined tie and grabbed his coffee before tossing Nick a jaunty wink and heading for the lab, hair resembling his usual style. Nick glanced at the clock, then turned back to his paperwork, trying to hide the grin he knew was plastered across his face before the rest of the shift came in.
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