Glasses Kink by Davey [Reviews - 0]

"So, what's with the glasses tonight, man?"

Startled, Nick peered around the side of his locker door to find Greg lounging against his own locker. "What?"

"The glasses. What's with them? Not that I mind or anything - you know that-" - cue Nick's blush - "but this is the second time this month that you've worn them to work."

His ears still red from the memory of what he did to appease Greg's glasses kink, Nick shrugged. "My contacts have been bothering me, but every time I make an appointment with the opthamologist, I've had to cancel because of work. You know how our schedules are, G."

Greg grinned. "Yeah. God bless crazy schedules."

Nick felt the heat spreading down his neck now and stuck his head back in his locker, feigning the need to look for some hidden item. Greg didn't take the hint and ambled over to lean against the lockers about two inches from Nick. "Look for whatever it is later," he said, grabbing Nick's hand before shutting the locker door and pulling a trailing Nick behind him until he was certain Nick would follow.

It wasn't until they'd climbed into the truck and buckled their seat belts that Greg said, "Hurry it up so that we can get naked. Well, except for the glasses."

Ears burning once again, Nick put the truck in drive and headed towards home. If he drive a little faster than normal, Greg was nice enough not to mention it.
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