Training by sparkleblsmchyld [Reviews - 1]

Nick watched as Greg’s arms were bound first, the silver-grey shackles cold against his bare skin and goosebumps quickly appeared on the naked flesh.
Greg’s legs were bound, the chains around his ankles were slack but soon a thick rod of clear plastic was forced between the cuffs and locked into place, forcing his legs widely apart.
The final piece was a collar which again was clear plastic and at over 4 inches tall, it forced Greg’s head up, not allowing him much if any movement.

Nick watched as the Dominatrix stepped back, allowing him a temping view of his boyfriend, bound and helpless, just the very slightest hint of fear in his eyes.

Nick looked at her and signaled for her for continue and he sat forward, pulling his shirt off as he watched Greg helpless and whimpering at the sharp pain that ran through his body at the contact of a leather paddle on his bare ass.

Several swats later and Nick stood, walking over to Greg and running two fingers gently against his cheek. Another swat and Greg whimpered, Nick smirked and leaned forward, kissing Greg fiercely, feeling his flinch at every contact of the hard leather to his flesh.
Greg tasted sweet, almost sweeter because of the tiny twinges of pain surging through his body and Nick thought he never tasted more delicious.

Finally, Nick broke away and, keeping his eyes locked with Greg’s, spoke calmly. “Stop. He is done for now.” The dominatrix stood, nodded and returning the paddle to the wall of toys spoke softly, “The cuffs can easily be unlocked by their safety latches and please call if you require anything.”

Nick smiled as he knelt down, unlocking the plastic bar and cuffs from Greg’s ankles and he then stood, positioning his body so he could hold onto Greg, he reached up and un-cuffed one wrist and then the other. Greg almost collapsed completely against him, before regaining just enough balance to be helped to a bed by Nick.

“Are you alright?” Nick asked softly as he lay beside Greg, who was resting face-down on the comfortable bed. “Yeah,” Greg sighed, “just grateful…no work tomorrow.”
Nick chuckled, “Yeah, you wouldn’t be able to sit; and that might be kind of hard to explain.
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