One Two, One True by Davey [Reviews - 0]

They are one two one and yet two. They are new quite new necessarily new, they have newly met. From California from Texas they are necessarily newly met. Texas. Texas is yellow a kind of yellow blackened with black, black not dirt not quite dirt but dirty nonetheless. Texas is yellow yellow and yet black but California is blue. Blue and white and blue with white waved into white and blue. Salt is white sand is white salt-and-sand is white quite white quite not white. Glass walls seen through by men all men all women not all men and women are the means of their meeting. The meeting is the means very much so the means of their meeting. What is dirt and dust and plaster more plaster than there is when glass shatters shatters into pieces. The pieces are many when wet is in the air. Coffee, noodles in a cup, meat in a bun onions, onions ringed and grilled, this which he and he and they and one and two eat and give give more more not less all together.
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