The Store: 1/1

by 10th_letter

Las Vegas Criminalist Nick Stokes walked into the mall with his boyfriend, Greg Sanders in tow. Nick had a frown on his face, and he was still trying to figure out how Greg had managed to convince Nick to spend what would promise to be several hours at the mall in the peak hours of the day. Nick seemed to recall the words “no” and “sex” being thrown around too freely for his tastes. Greg had managed to pull Nick into clothing store after clothing store leaving Nick to wonder how any of Greg’s previous lovers had put up with him.

“Oh, come on, Nick. You have to admit, these jeans look good on me.” Said Greg, turning around in the store’s full length mirror to get a better view of his ass.

Nick turned the page in the latest issue of Sports Illustrated, reading an article on the Dallas Cowboys and nodded. “Uh huh, whatever you say, babe.”

Greg pouted. “You’re not even looking, are you?”

“I’ll be seeing them later. And besides, you look amazing in whatever you wear, so, naturally the pants look good on you.”

“Damn you’re good.” Said Greg, still focusing on his own posterior.

“C’mon, let’s pay for ‘em and get outta here. I’m starvin’” said Nick, closing the magazine and standing up.


Nick was waiting outside the store when Greg exited holding the bag.

“You’re such a man, sometimes.” Joked Greg.

“One of the side effects of having a dick.” Replied Nick.

“So, where to now? Spencer’s Gifts? Hollister? Barnes and Noble?” started Greg, listing off the stores nearby. Nick’s attention was elsewhere. “Nick? Earth to Stokes?” Greg turned around and saw his boyfriend eyeing a poster in the window of the music store.

“Dear, God I’ve lost him again.” Sighed Greg, mournfully turning around.

“So hot. He’s just too hot for words.” Breathed Nick.

Greg cleared his throat.

“So unbelievably hot. That hair. That chest. Those arms. Oh God and the tattoo! Just once. That’s all I ask. Just to work the button of those jeans and slip them off. I just wanna – Greg?”

“About time I brought you back down to Earth. You’ve been fogging up that Keith Urban poster for five minutes now. Now, if you promise to behave, we can go inside and buy you that poster. Will that make you happy?” said Greg.

Nick nodded and peeled his face away from the window.

“Good boy. Now, follow Daddy inside, Nicky.”


A/N: Here's the poster Nick was looking at, by the way.:

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