Educational Porn: 1/1

by 10th_letter

Greg Sanders was sitting on his couch, his laptop resting on the coffee table when he wandered across a news article via Google. His curiosity piqued, he typed in the words on his search engine and was linked to a site for a company called “Deaf Bunny”. Greg had to admit, he was a little … interested. He was so pulled in to one of the sample clips that he didn’t hear the sound of a key turning in the lock to his apartment and his boyfriend, Nick Stokes walking in through the door.

“Hey, babe, I’m home! How was your day off?” said Nick, dropping his bag on the floor and walking along the hallway to the living room where Greg was engrossed in his latest discovery.

“G? Where are you?” shouted Nick

“I’m in the living room. C’mon in.” replied Greg, never taking his eyes off the screen.

“Hey, babe. You would not believe the case I got tonight. This a-hole stabs his wife then actually drinks her – are you watchin’ porn?”

“Yes, but relax, it’s purely educational.”

“Educational? Since when is porn an educational experience?” asked Nick, finally arriving where Greg was currently sitting. Nick lowered his head to Greg’s shoulders and looked at the computer screen.

“Since they made deaf porn. I’m not even joking. I found this clip where this woman made this... There we go” Greg explained.

“Oh, well… Holy crap! So that’s how you sign ‘fuck’! I never had the balls to ask Grissom.”

“Wow, I had no idea you could sign ‘stick it in me’ while masturbating at the same time. This girl has some serious talent.”

“I’ll say. Does any of this stuff turn you on any more, G?” asked Nick, worried.

“Yipes, that actually looked painful. And she did it one handed, “said Greg, recoiling from an action the woman on screen was performing, “Of course not, babe. Why would I need porn when I have five foot ten inches of pure sex rocking my world on a very frequent basis?”

“Good now that’s what I like to hear. Greg, stand up.”

Greg stood up and paused the video on the computer. He looked at his boyfriend as Nick signed two words he had just learned from the video. Greg understood perfectly and followed his boyfriend to their bedroom.

“I love educational porn.” Said Greg, closing the door behind him.

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