Backyard Rain and Big Booms: Backyard Rain and Big Booms

by sparkleblsmchyld

Greg sat in his yard, legs stretched out in front of him, resting his weight against his arms, letting himself recline in the soft rain that was cooling down a long over-heated Vegas.

Nick watched from the back door, smiling as he watched Greg’s spiky hair surrender to the weight and dampness of the rain, the gel put up no fight and his hair slowly matted to his head, his jeans were soaked, and his wet t-shirt turned to a dark blue, rather than the light sky blue it had been when dry.

The spring had been unseasonably warm this year and everyone was waiting for rain, it seemed to always break the tension that the long, hot days wove around the city.

Kicking off his sandals, Nick walked down the couple of steps to the lawn, walking over and then sitting beside Greg. Streching out, he leaned back on his arms and let the rain soak him as well.

It felt relaxing and like a relief that had been a long time coming.
The stress at work had put most people on edge and there had even been days when Nick and Greg got on each other’s nerves. Usually this wasn’t a problem, but the heat just seemed to make everyone more angry and short tempered.

Turning to look at Greg, who now resembled a half-drowned puppy, Nick smiled, “I’m sorry.”

Greg looked at him, “It wasn’t your fault, we just were too tense.”

Nick smiled, knowing that was how Greg wanted to leave it.

It actually felt good to be out here, the rain was just cool enough and the direct heat of the sun was hidden behind slightly-grayed out clouds.

A bolt a lightning split the sky with an angry crack and Greg practically jumped out of his skin trying to scramble on the wet grass to the house.

Nick chuckled for a minute before he stood up, soggy from head to toe, he treaded towards the back door and smiled at the thought of Greg, his wet clothes shed, hiding under the blankets.

That was one thing that still frightened him, the lightening, he said it reminded him of a gunshot and Nick understood the fear, hoping Greg never had to deal with a gunshot that close to him.

He stepped inside and pulled the door shut, locking it before starting down the hallway as he tried to undo his jeans, the weight now a bit difficult to deal with. Greg’s wet jeans lay ahead in the hallway with his shirt just a few footsteps in-front of it.

Nick finally pushed his jeans down just enough to be able to kick them off, they landed with a dulled thud and he just pulled off his shirt, throwing it atop the wet mess.

He looked in their bedroom and saw the blankets shaking, a shaking Greg underneath them.

He sat on the edge of the bed, pulling down the sheets just enough to see Greg look at him with wary eyes, “Want me to protect you?”

Greg grinned and grabbed at Nick, pulling him back into the bed.

Nick slid over and pulled Greg close, just in time as a thunder-clap followed and Greg curled tight against him.

Pulling up the blankets, Nick wrapped his arms around Greg’s back, holding him close.

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