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Reviews for One Hundred Ninety Three

Yoshi 09/21/07 - 11:49AM 1: One
Very original and so well written.

candygirl1uk 08/15/07 - 07:24PM 1: One
Differnent , stylish, sweet and touching. I enjoyed reading this a lot- there was sad bits in there and happy bits as well. The idea that Greg is there for Nick no matter what is touching , I like sensitive Greg ... I also enjoy reading about vulnerable Nck.. Well done.

WarumonoKyo 09/05/06 - 01:27AM 1: One
That was amazing. There's a song by Chris Cagle liek that, called 'What a Beautiul Day' iT was playing when I read this, which was mildly creepy, but I absolutely love this!!!

LoneWolf13 01/06/06 - 03:55AM 1: One
This is a great fic and so unlike anything I've ever read before (I mean that in a good way of course!) It was so emotional and touching, I love it!!!

alexmorgan 12/20/05 - 10:18AM 1: One
this is f**king beautiful. so original. love it. you. him. them. i mean... love.

darkelegance 12/14/05 - 02:57PM 1: One
oh my lord. officially one of my most favorite nick/greg fics ever. this was so beautiful. totally made me cry and love them even more :)

Madalyn Rose 12/13/05 - 09:55PM 1: One
Wow. That was gorgeous and I love it.

Emily Rose 12/13/05 - 07:23PM 1: One
Beautiful. Made me cry.

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