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Reviews for Band of Gold

uhleksa 05/06/08 - 03:29PM 1: Band of Gold
ah this was so cute!

charlies_dragon 03/06/08 - 01:45AM 1: Band of Gold
This is so sweet :) And it has a Sara that I actually like *looks shocked* Thanks for sharing the love :D

dagsrommer 08/02/05 - 09:44PM 1: Band of Gold
Loved it. It is so funny - I have played this scene (or one pretty similar to it) in my head so many times, but you wrote it down so well!

Roz Morgan 04/09/04 - 05:35PM 1: Band of Gold
I really like this story, its cute and it involves Nick and Greg getting married so Im happy. And you made Sara nice which I like as well cos a lot of people make her nasty and yes she can be but she tends to have great friend chemistry when shes around Nick and Greg so yep I like this a lot.

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