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Reviews for Waiting for You

QueenOfTheUniverse 04/08/08 - 05:13PM 1: One
Definitely made me smile! Nice job!

membrain 12/28/06 - 04:06PM 1: One
I know the Love Actually character! It's the DJ from Peter and Juliet's wedding, correct? The worst DJ in the world. Now where are my bonus points? ;-P Oh, and good story too.

alexmorgan 12/20/05 - 10:08AM 1: One
this is so delicious, especially the kiss at the end, which made me melt. well done.

Lady Heather 12/18/05 - 04:15PM 1: One
Aww ^_^ This gave me butterflies and made me want to cry and it doesn't help that I'm listening to Always by Bon Jovi at the same time. It actually fit well with the ending of this =) Of course, getting butterflies from a fic is never a bad things *smiles*.

wojo 12/13/05 - 12:06PM 1: One
I like this, it's really good. I hope you contimue it.

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