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Reviews for What if

Tomica84 10/25/07 - 08:55PM 1: 1/1
More please!

Pinskitchil 08/14/06 - 09:27PM 1: 1/1
Aww, that's so sweet. I love it. It's perfect, because it's not perfect. (lol, if that makes sense) It's "real". Yes, to everything mentioned in the first post (I'm too lame to retype it) For some reason I've been really looking forward to Christmas (even though it's August) and wanted to read a good Christmassy story. I wasn't looking forward to reading a bunch of cheesy ones before finding a good one....Luckily I read yours first!! (This is the first story I favorited!) I also like how it doesn't give a happily ever after, but lets you imagine. Thanks for making my day! Cheers. Sam

catlover2x 12/05/05 - 12:03PM 1: 1/1
OMG that is the best, the best! I love this story and how hesitant and careful they are. Such a lovely touch when Greg's stomach growled. I love those little real life touches; it's so much better than Nick was perfect and Greg was perfect and everything was perfect. Of course you distracted me greatly with mention of marzipan, now I feel like I need to go out get some. This story made me feel like going out and falling in love. If it could be with a person as gentle and tender as they, how safe it would be. You ended in a perfect spot too, now we can imagine them fumbling their way to ecstacy at their own pace. Oh, just loved it. Greatly. Great job sweetie.

Author's Response: OMG this is one of the best reviews that I've ever gotten I think.
I think that real life touches such as a rumbling stomach is what helps a story become something you can relate to. They aren't perfect on the show, so why should I make them perfect?
Did you know that marzipan is the German word for the sugary almond paste? It was originally marchpane, but then Niederigger became 'the' brand and many adapted marzipan as the name to use.
Going out and falling in love sounds like a nice idea, but chasing down Mr. Right is not easy.
YAY for somebody accepting the ending, I have so many people crying for me to continue it. I can only say that it felt right to stop there and then let people imagine the rest. Thank you so much for the lovely words.

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