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Reviews for I Have Ate Grass

SandersStokesLove 09/08/05 - 12:23PM 1: 1 Part Only
Very interesting story. I especially like the ending. I just have one question where do you find these ng challenges? What exactly was the sick challenge?

Author's Response: It's over at livejournal. it's a lj community. and sick challenge is.. I think it's a challenge with 'sick' as a prompt. so... sick can mean a lot of things... I think that's what the challenge is anyway... *g* go over to LJ! There's a lot of fun NG stuff!!! *g* Thank you! Glad you liked it!

anmani 09/08/05 - 06:28AM 1: 1 Part Only
Ha, that was cute and funny. I just love the easy flow of your words. No need to hide behind a tree. Just write more, I always love a good story that has a quirky angle to it.

Author's Response: *g* thank youuuuu... it's just that one day I was wondering if they ever have serendipity moments... *g* and that I haven't watched S1 *eyes DVD boxset* *g* glad you liked it... heeee

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