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Reviews for An Angel's Tears

stokedaboutstokes 04/10/07 - 11:48AM 1: 1 of 1
ok this one made me cry so bad. now i have to go and fix my makeup thanks alot. :) now i have to go read Goodbye My Lover. very well written :)

NoHope02 07/06/06 - 11:01AM 1: 1 of 1
Wow. That was great, I feel so bad. I miss Nick and he's not even dead.

black_cat 06/27/06 - 09:48AM 1: 1 of 1
I had to cry. It's really a sweet story.

misssavvie 03/18/06 - 06:13PM 1: 1 of 1
That was beautiful, was crying like a baby. I love Greg/Nick,

nickgreg4ever 08/03/05 - 07:47PM 1: 1 of 1
That one made me cry a little! WOW!!!

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