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Reviews for Waiting

miracleromancer 06/14/09 - 11:45PM 1: 1/1
Very good, it is always a pleasure to see the chemistry from a different point of view. :D

liquid_latex 05/18/09 - 01:46PM 1: 1/1
That was so, so, so good. As if you write anything else. I love, love, love the observations and Stevie reminds me of you ;) The 'Serious Brunette' and 'Streetwise Blonde' and all the other names were absolutely perfect. I loved how you put in the part from Rashomama, I will forever think of you when watching that (I already do, but now all the more reason to now!) and the change in Greg's apperance made me pull a slightly sad face, because I do miss the old crazy-haired Greg. And how no one else realized how worried Greg was after Nick had been kidnapped. You know there's nothing I don't like! The only thing that could make it any better is if they come back the next day and Stevie serves them pie. On the house. Hah. No, but seriously, well done, my friend. Thank you so, so much for that!! Brilliant! It will most definitely put a smile on my face for the rest of the day.

Author's Response: I think I've said it all via email already, but YOU ROCK. And as if I couldnt' put in Rashomama, best episode ever! You inspire me as always. N x

Lonewolfe001 05/18/09 - 01:27PM 1: 1/1
I am so happy to be reading one me your fics. This was wonderful

Author's Response: Thanks very much! Sorry to have been away for so long. I'm not good at being multi-fandom, but I'm working on it ;) N x

QueenOfTheUniverse 05/17/09 - 09:33PM 1: 1/1
Oh fantastic job! I've missed your stories so much! The agony that she was feeling was very real. I couldn't help but feel it. THough, I was waiting for her to step in and do something. I was hoping she would. All that agony was horrible... in a good way. lol. Keep up the fantastic work! I love reading your stories!

Author's Response: Lol, I know what you mean about the good kind of agony... I was tempted to have her step in but I wanted them to get together on their own, 'cause they always get a clue in the end, don't they? ;) Thanks so much hun, I know I've been away for a while! I actually have an idea for an EPIC Nick/Greg oneshot but I want to finish my equally EPIC HPDM WIP first of all. Thank you! Nat x

thescottishplay 05/16/09 - 04:58PM 1: 1/1
This was, to put it simply, gorgeous. I adored Stevie, and the way that she noticed such little things. And the fact that she's obviously so intelligent, but having to work for the diner as a waitress all the same. I think she'd make a good CSI-in-training. X3 Anyway, this was really awesome and amazing, and like someone else has pointed out, I loved the part that weather played in this.

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm glad you liked her, I got rather attached to her while writing this -- there are some very intelligent people working in surprisingly boring jobs, and I had fun thinking of ways for her to entertain herself :) She'd've made a great CSI, too, lol. Thank you so much! Nat x

hjonathan 05/16/09 - 04:40PM 1: 1/1
Hello My Love!!! Haven't been on here myself for quite sometime. Knowing you posted a story was enough to make me comeback. Just like Stevie, I wanted to slap them and or shake them until they realized about their mutual feelings. Talk about agonizing, being in her shoes I would have said something of done something to make them see the light. But you do angst and mild angst so well... I like all the names that you came up for them... so them too...LOL Glad to see you back...and those puppy eyes or yours will be happy to know that I am currently working on another story for our boys. I missed them... Always a delight as usual... Hugs & Kisses Jon jon xxx

Author's Response: Hiya! OMG yes, I'm thrilled to know you're working on something new. Look at us and our comebacks! ;) I was tempted for her to do something, but I guess they'd have just thought she was a crazy person if she'd said something! Lol. Hah, it was fun to come up with all those names, looking at the team from a stranger's perspective. I know you like my angst, you strange man ;) Thank you! *hugs* Nat x

Seshat3 05/15/09 - 09:34PM 1: 1/1
This was just beautiful. I found myself smack in Stevie's shoes, willing the boys to see for themselves what was so obvious to Stevie. You perfectly captured that urge to interfere vs the knowledge you can't do a thing. And the tension at the end, with Nick and Greg's mood matching the weather, with the rain breaking at the same time they did...masterful. Your story is now faved and I'm going to read more!

Author's Response: Thank you, that's exactly what I was hoping for, and that agonising frustration that you have to just watch and wait. The weather thing... hmm, I'm just a little bit obsessed with the weather, and how it reflects moods. You'll find this kind of thing in a whole load of my fics. Rain and storms in particular just captivate me. Thanks very much, and hope you enjoy anything else you read. Nat x

aebhel 05/14/09 - 11:39PM 1: 1/1
Oh, that's beautiful. I was so thrilled to see that you'd added another story, and this was just great. I love third-person observer fics when they're done right, which this definitely was. Stevie's voice is great, and her observations about the whole team are spot-on. And that kiss at the end--wow. I especially liked the image of Greg's hand clenching into a fist against the window; it's little details like that that make a fic for me.

Author's Response: I love them too, and there are so few of them. I always wonder if it's because people are afraid of writing Mary Sues, which OCs absolutely don't need to be. That was one of my favourite parts, I'm glad that detail stood out to you, I am also all about the details. Thanks muchly for your review! Nat x

nightrobin2424 05/14/09 - 04:57PM 1: 1/1
So glad to see a new story from you! It was perfect! What womderful perspective! Great job!:)

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm pleased you think it worked, I've always wanted to write this type of story. :D Nat x

Tuppence 05/14/09 - 07:37AM 1: 1/1
Loved it :-) I liked Stevie's observations. Sometimes a person on the outside can see things clearer than the people on the inside can. She had Nick and Greg as a couple before they did. It's good to have you back. Tell Draco he can't have you all to himself. He has to share you with Nick and Greg.

Author's Response: Yep, definitely -- that's why I love the outsider POV stories, because a stranger often sees something that the others can't see. Draco and I are working out a timeshare agreement ;) Thanks very much! Nat x

happyharper13 05/14/09 - 12:47AM 1: 1/1
Thanks so much for coming back to the fandom! I've missed your stories so much! This one was awesome, and the perfect use of third-person observing narrator. Please write more NG soon!

Author's Response: Thanks! I never really left, I just didn't write anything in a good few months. It's nice to have been missed :) Thank you, and I definitely plan to! Nat x

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