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Reviews for A Memory

Seshat3 04/24/09 - 05:06PM 1: A Memory
This is so beautiful and bittersweet. I love the way the two are trying to cope, how they have such different reactions. I'm so glad Nick finally reaches out to Greg, glad Greg finally put on the gloss, glad they finally begin to cope together. Your writing is amazing and beautiful.

discoxwithxme 01/29/09 - 12:12AM 1: A Memory
:) I'm glad you've written something recent. I've read all of your old fics and I was sad, because I thought maybe you'd stopped writing. You're so terribly good at it. Makes me smile to see something new. :) Anyway; this was fantastic. I thought that I would get upset, since there was angst, and I did get a bit upset because this is a post "For Warrick" one shot, and those tend to get me riled up; but the point is, I love it, and it is truly great, and it made me smile even though there was angst. :)

Yoshi 01/28/09 - 06:04PM 1: A Memory
Good to see another piece from you here. A little angst goes a long way. They both seem to need a little sparkle at the moment.

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