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Reviews for Waiting

Seshat3 12/18/08 - 03:40PM 1: Loving You
I like your take!! Nick pining away and Greg not even interested?! Very unique point of view! Just about to read the next one, see you there!

StormyMonday 12/04/08 - 10:45AM 1: Loving You
That was great! Really liked it but felt so sad for poor Nick in the end! It's nice to have a different view than the usual version in which Greg is the one suffering from unrequited love! Maybe Greg should/could reconsider his decision? ;-) Stormy

Sanders1975 12/02/08 - 04:27PM 1: Loving You
I Liked It. You Should Do A Squeal To This Story ASAP.

Author's Response: I have already got a sequal, I wrote it last night wasnt sure whether to post or not but its up now, its called Prelude to a Kiss :)

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