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Reviews for A Good Day

hjonathan 12/04/08 - 04:18PM 1: A Good Day
Lovely sequel, the boys on a date is always a wonderful thing. The nervousness is just so true and the fact that they are a bit akward at first is priceless. I could totally see Nick be a nervous wreck...LOL Good job!!! Jon jon xxx

glo_starz 10/30/08 - 07:19PM 1: A Good Day
So sweet! And what happens next? Is there going to be more?

Author's Response: Sorry that's the end of the story :)

only_true_love 10/22/08 - 11:54PM 1: A Good Day
Awwww... That was such a sweet and realistic first date for the boys. Nice to see even with the nervousness they enjoyed themselves and that they KISSED!!!! And I def. like the idea to say thanks to Warrick. *squeeee* and hugs and big baskets of sugar cookies and double fudge brownies* :D

jayceepat 10/21/08 - 09:55AM 1: A Good Day
'A Good Day' is a good follow-up. It's nice to see that they are both on the same page and what a sweet end to their dinner date.

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