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Reviews for An Eggo Means Love

only_true_love 08/14/08 - 10:50PM 1: Oneshot
Very cute and funny. And like Jon, I thought it was nice to read how Nicky wasnít the one good at cooking. And I now have a craving for Eggo's. I havenít had them in a long time. They are yummy! *hugs and big basket of double fudge brownies* :D

Saras_Girl 08/14/08 - 08:56PM 1: Oneshot
*whispers* what's KD? Am I stuuupid? Sorry if I am. lol. That was too cute, I loved it. I can well imagine Nicky being a useless cook, though that he tried was lovely. I was so in the mood for some domestic fluffiness, thanks! Nat x

Author's Response: Hmm ... is KD only in Canada? Well, to be frank, it's mac and cheese, but KD is the brand name of it. And it isn't a stupid question xD

hjonathan 08/13/08 - 08:02PM 1: Oneshot
Totally cute, and I like that for a change it is Nicky who is incapable of cooking. Yay greg, what a brilliant little bugger. Great story as always. jon jon xxx

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