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Reviews for Background Music

Marifw 07/31/08 - 09:16PM 1: It's Awkward Again
Very good story, totally belieavable! I can picture both Nick and Greg acting like that! One small thing: If you want the Norwegian frace to be correct (grammar-vice) write; "Alkoholen vil ikke gjøre deg dum. Den vil gjøre deg modig." I'm Norwegian by the way! Anyway; I love the story.

Author's Response: Oopsie. I don't speak any other language fluently, and honestly I can't even pronounce a word of Norwegian except what Greg says on the show. ^^ I got that off an online translator.

Yoshi 07/26/08 - 05:34PM 1: It's Awkward Again
Absolutely loved that. I like a long one shot and saved this one for when I had time to sit and savour it. I really liked the image of Greg just staring at Nick through the window in the darkness and realising how gorgeous he is. That and the comparison to porn films he'd seen the lighting in lol. Great work.

only_true_love 07/26/08 - 01:04AM 1: It's Awkward Again
I really enjoyed this story. Sweet and scary. And my favorite line was~ "Greg managed to resist the urge to lick him just to prove his point." I had to laugh at that. :P *hugs and basket of sugar cookies* :D

glo_starz 07/25/08 - 07:07PM 1: It's Awkward Again
Brilliant story! I love the bit about Greg's trousers being on the ceiling fan and the sudden realisation of how they got there! Great when they finally get their act together at the end!

Saras_Girl 07/25/08 - 06:13PM 1: It's Awkward Again
I love AFI :) I'm shamed that I don't know what Davey said *hangs head* Really enjoyed this, great mix of angst and regret, confusion and drama and realization and love. It's so weird I read this as I'm currently working on something where Greg wakes up and he can't remember what he did...but it's totally different to this so it's all good. Random! Anyway I liked the slow realization that all the alcohol did was give them a push in the right vino Great story. Just one thing, could do with a bit of spacing out to make it easier to read :) But lovely work. Nat x

Author's Response: More spaces, gotcha. In an interview once, a reporter asked Davey what AFI stood for. He said A Fire Inside, but also mentioned some mean ones that people thought, like "A Fag Inside" and crap like that. His favorite alternative name was "Aw, Fuck It," which I made Greg say towards the end. Very subtle.

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