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Reviews for The Pencil Sketch of Nicholas Stokes

hjonathan 06/11/08 - 12:03AM 1: 1
Well I am sure there is a bit of "Extra Curricular activities" in there. I love how we cut into Greg's raunchy dream and I like how Nick seems so "Oblivious" to the fact that he is totaly being lusted over. Can't wait for the rest! jon jon xxx

only_true_love 06/10/08 - 10:35PM 2: 2
Is it you using the nick name Tex in naother story??? Hopes I'm right!!! That said, I have a feeling that Nicky isnt all that upset that the date went bad. And part of me wants to chant~ "come out of the closet Nicky!!!" lol *hugs* and patiently waits for more. :D

hjonathan 06/09/08 - 02:28AM 1: 1
Loved it...Drawing is a great idea. I studied myself in art and used to draw models. I would usually tell my friends that they were the type of person my teacher wanted...To convince them to pose for me, that plus a few choice compliments always worked *wink* Can't wait to read the rest. jon jon xxx

only_true_love 06/08/08 - 11:18PM 1: 1
I'm laughing so hard right now from the last line. I was giggling earlier that you use Gregory and Nicholas. Not that's bad, I guess I'm just in a weird mood. :P Loving the story so far and it will be interesting to see what Greggo does to get Nicky to pose for a drawing! *hugs* *leaves basket of double fudge brownies* :D

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