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Reviews for Walking on Broken Glass

only_true_love 05/26/08 - 10:52PM 1: one shot
Well done girl. Well done. I swear when I read your stoires with angst in them, I'm not as afraid of the angst as much. I had to smile that the babysitters' name was Stacy. Was that intentional?? I was happy to see Hodges come to thier defense as well as the others. And their daughter, Samantha, was so cute and very sweet when she forgave Nicky. *hugs* *leaves basket of double fudge brownies and sugar cookies* :D

Author's Response: Can I quote you on that? That makes me feel awesome that you feel better about the angst. Sweet! And no, it wasn't really intentional with the name. Your's just happened to be the first one I thought of, and then two seconds later I realized it was your name, and I didn't feel like looking up a new name, and figured you wouldn't mind if I left it. Yeah, I decided not to throw Hodges under the bus again for the millionth time, and I like him here, supporting them. A new side I don't usually show. lol. Thanks, as always, for the awesome review and the wickedly good desert! You rock, hun!

Saras_Girl 05/25/08 - 04:56PM 1: one shot
Jesus...I couldn't tear my eyes away from this, it was fantastic. Please don't be mad but I looked at the end first to see if Nick and Greg were ok before I read it *shame* I loved how everyone stood up for them against those idiots, especially Hodges! You write angst so well, and I really felt like I was there with them in the corridor, watching everything. Grissom's voice was spot on, I think his POV works well in situations like this because he notices everything but does not make a judgement. All in all, I thought it was bloody marvellous! *hug* Nat x

Author's Response: Wow... you felt like you were actually there with them? That's cool... way cool... I'm so glad you enjoyed it, and felt everything fit. Thanks for the awesome review! You rock!

Tuppence 05/25/08 - 02:36PM 1: one shot
Wow great angst story here. First off poor Nick for losing it on a child case again but it seems like he may finally get the help he needs. And secondly great anger Greg there. I loved how he still love Nick and didn't want to hurt him by leaving him but he's also a father who didn't want to see their daughter hurt anymore. I've also got to give the boys extra brownies in this one for keeping everything quiet for 5 years. Then the way Bobby D. Warrick and bless him Hodges stood up for Nick and Greg with the cops. Great story all around QOTU :-) leaves you some of the brownies and more cookies :-)

Author's Response: Aww, thanks for the review and the desert! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

candygirl1uk 05/25/08 - 12:16PM 1: one shot
Wow you crammed all that into a one shot. Fantastic, I liked how you dealt with the homophobic jock of a cop... Warrick standing up for Nick and Greg, thats pretty cool. The idea of these two men as fathers is a great subject, Wow you write good angst. Grumble cant believe that THIS great story is only a one shot. Thanks for the upload Donna x

Author's Response: haha, well, a one shot was how I envisioned it. One scene really, which kinda became three, but whatev. I wish I could come up with more for it... but don't forget about "Don't Cry Daddy" because there will be more with that one that will include angst, in each chapter. And I'm super glad you like my angst. And in this piece, I couldn't see Warrick doing anything else but standing up for them, even if he wasn't ready to deal with them being together. Thanks for the review!

hjonathan 05/25/08 - 11:35AM 1: one shot
WOW!!! I mean, great story, I loved the interaction between Nick and Greg. You can really feel the inner debate Greg is going through about keeping his daughter safe but not wanting to really leave Nick out of the loop. Ialso can appreciate the fact that there friends proved them wrong and stood up for them. I really, really liked this one. Great job as usual and defenitely going into my favourites. *Leaves chocolate and cream cheese marbled brownies* jon jon xxx

Author's Response: Oh, sweet! Brownies! lol. Thanks for the wonderful review! I'm so glad you enjoyed it and faved it. Thanks!

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