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Reviews for Walking on Broken Glass

Lonewolfe001 04/22/08 - 11:59AM 1: Walking on Broken Glass
Poor Greg, I am just so glad Nick was there.

Tuppence 04/21/08 - 08:40PM 1: Walking on Broken Glass
Poor Greg. He's always come across as an innocent soul and then have to see and deal with this inhumanity is so not right. I'm glad Warrick was able to see through his "I am fine" and knew he needed help and Nick. Very good story.

only_true_love 04/20/08 - 10:51PM 1: Walking on Broken Glass
Such a sad story and sweet on at the same time. Cant imagine having to see that kind of horror of the crime scene desribed but it was so sweet with how Nicky was there for Greggo. I always find it nice to read about when they are there for each other. :D *leaves plate of brownies as a bribe to continue this story or just cause.*

QueenOfTheUniverse 04/20/08 - 08:28PM 1: Walking on Broken Glass
Oh this was beautiful, so sweet and sad. But the ending totally made me smile. I'm glad Nick was there. Nice job, perfect.

Saras_Girl 04/20/08 - 06:24PM 1: Walking on Broken Glass
Poor Greg :-( this made me sad, but I liked it. I hope you'll be adding to this. Nat x

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