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Reviews for A Fish Named Nicky

love_fan 05/15/08 - 02:32PM 1: 1/1
Great friendship story hinting at them being more than just friends. Loved the way you portrayed Greg because I really believe there is more to him than is shown on the show. I loved Nick’s cheesy line!

Rustie73 04/13/08 - 07:15AM 1: 1/1
Great job of weaving various TV episodes into this deliciously sweet story.

Yoshi 04/08/08 - 05:44PM 1: 1/1
I really enjoyed that. Shows such a generous side to Nick (as always) :-)

Author's Response: *grins* Thank you!

BflyW 04/08/08 - 03:24PM 1: 1/1
I really wasn't in the mood for pre-slash now, and I didn't even notice you were the author (but I realized as soon as I started reading, because I can detect your style now). But even though this wasn't want I wanted, I couldn't help but smile at the end. It was so sweet. So wonderfully Greg-y, and yeah.... And totally different than the angst you are feeding me with lately. :-)

Author's Response: o.O I have a style? Wicked. Hee. Sorry it wasn't what you wanted, hon, but I'm glad you enjoyed it. And don't worry, I have much more angst to feed you.

only_true_love 04/08/08 - 12:17AM 1: 1/1
I agree very sweet. Nicky is such a sweet heart! Great job! :D

Lonewolfe001 04/07/08 - 11:50PM 1: 1/1
Thats was so sweet. I love pre-slash. More please !!! LOL!

Author's Response: *laughs* There isn't more of this, unfortunately. It was a gift for a friend and a first for me. I don't really do sweet fluff. Hee. But thank you much!

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