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Reviews for Dirty

only_true_love 04/18/08 - 10:31PM 2: 2
Greggo is such a romantic in this one. Hehehehe. And loving the images of the boys naked and wet! ;D *hugs*

candygirl1uk 04/17/08 - 04:09PM 2: 2
Wow, first review. Ouch... Sizzling, Greg giving Nick his first present.(naughty laughter) Damn that was good... More.

Wojo 04/12/08 - 03:08PM 1: 1/1
Hmmm I like dirty Greg! that was HOT!

Tuppence 04/07/08 - 08:57PM 1: 1/1
Pop! very nicely done :-) Nice smut to end the night.

candygirl1uk 04/07/08 - 05:56AM 1: 1/1
Damn that reached the spot. So Nicky's a top eh and Greg is a willing bottom. With a bit of role play fitted in. Good one there.... That did the trick. I love gay sex lol.

only_true_love 04/07/08 - 12:38AM 1: 1/1
ok for those who didnt see this when first was posted but I made a comment (not posted though) that Greggo hadnt orgasmed. So Greggo got to have his. ;)

only_true_love 04/07/08 - 12:32AM 1: 1/1
Excellent for a first time!!! :D And congrats for loosing your sex scene virginity! The image of Greggo that you left *drooools* *hugs* :D

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