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Reviews for Heroes

butwinsbaby 09/09/08 - 09:03AM 2: Answers
Haha Greg Cath was Wonder Woman

andsoicryforhim 03/06/08 - 09:15AM 1: Story
i love it, but you couldve used some marvel heroes too!*mondo huggies*

Author's Response: I did have one version where I had Grissom as Professor X and Warrick as Blade. But the whole Justice League thing fit, you know?

only_true_love 03/05/08 - 11:13PM 1: Story
Well I did better than I thought I would. Great story. It would be fun to see the boys all dressed up! *hugs* :D

Elle 03/05/08 - 11:02PM 1: Story
LOL, that was fun..i guessed right with everyone except Sara!...this reminded me of reading something similar to this on whoa, the same author reviewed your story..wierd!!

lil_love_fan 03/05/08 - 10:22PM 1: Story
nick: superman/ greg: flash/ warrick: the green lantern/ catherine: wonder woman/ sara: hawk girl/ grissom: batman. Tehe, I love the Justice League, so this was soooo easy! Great story, lovely idea!

gregsanders 03/05/08 - 09:40PM 2: Answers
Nick: Superman Greg: Flash Sara: Hawkgirl Grissom: Batman Catherine: Donrew Anmow (No idea) Warrick: Green... something, ha ha

DormouseValour 03/05/08 - 09:23PM 1: Story
hahaha, wonderful nick-superman greg-the flash warrick-green lantern cath-wonder woman sara-hawkgirl grissom-batman! i wrote one a lot like this, it's on FF...check out The butler always knows it's under labrat love

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