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Reviews for Extra- Curricular Activities

katlynn888 05/04/08 - 08:03PM 1: 1/1
MMM!!! I can imagine that...But, awe, you amde poor mac the Band Teacher! lol. I'd sure be hyped if my band teacher looked anything like Gary Sinise! lol. -Lynn

Wojo 02/14/08 - 01:54PM 1: 1/1
Mmmmm mmmm nice!

only_true_love 02/12/08 - 11:47PM 1: 1/1
I agree Greggo and Nicky role playing is always good! ;) You had me believing that this wasnt roleplaying though. Awesome job! *hugs* :)

angelsheaven1980 02/12/08 - 09:39PM 1: 1/1
good story. nick and greg should role play more often.

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