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Reviews for Educational Porn

Dreama 02/04/08 - 03:46PM 1: 1/1
That was ... interesting, to say the leasz. Whe I actually read the title I was thinking what Nick actually said 'Since when is porn educational'?
nice idea, and then someone should say again our fandom isn't teaching you something
And do I even have to say that I am sooo of to google?

candygirl1uk 02/04/08 - 04:53AM 1: 1/1
Short but damn to the point.. Well done jay!!! Gonna google it right now lol...

only_true_love 02/04/08 - 12:55AM 1: 1/1
That would be a new way to flirt with each other at work as long as grissom wasnt nearby! Awesome job. Very HOT! :)

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